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The Wine Bar

No description

Teresa Samaras

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of The Wine Bar

Competitor Anaylsis
The Wine Bar
Middle-aged couples
People dating or married between the ages of 30-45 years old
College students
A young adult (on average) attending college
Wine Enthusiast
Cellar on Main
Teresa Samaras, Brittany Bledsoe, Jeffrey Henson, Tyler Morris, Brielle Prezzano
Cellar on Main
Cellar on Main is a small scale wine bar and tapas kitchen,
serving food and wine at night
and working as a wine and beer retailer at day.
Target Markets
On average is 18-24 years old
Active lifestyle with studying, working, partying
Low income but still discretionary spending power
College students will enjoy the Cellar on Main
as it is a form of entertainment, giving them a place to eat, drink, and hang with friends.
Middle to high-income levels and own a home/condo
Working lifestyle
Enjoy going out on their off time
Generally healthy
Substantial through the various colleges in Cobb County
Middle-aged couples will enjoy the more sophisticated environment and exciting new culture of the Cellar on Main

Primary Target Market
A person with extreme interest in wine and very knowledgeable in wine
High income (median household income over $100,000)
Average age of 35-54
98% buy wine well over $6 per bottle
Wine Enthusiasts will enjoy the Cellar on Main as it will have a diverse selection of wine, giving Cobb County Wine Enthusiasts a place to try wine without traveling into the city.
One third of wine enthusiasts live in the South
Oak Barrel Wine Bar
Marietta Wine Market
Total Wine
Sustainable Competitive
Advantage: Customer Intimacy
Brand competitor
Product competitor
Product competitor
Napa Technology Wine Stations to offer a self-guided wine tasting experience
Traditional wine with modern technology
Self serve stations
Lack of customer rapport
Acworth Location (far from highway)
No food/tapas concept
A retailer for various styles of wine
and host to tastings twice a week
Free tastings with optional donations
Popular Marietta Square location
Limited tasting schedule
Inability to try wine before purchasing
No food/tapas option
No bar experience
The countries largest independent retailer of wine - America's Wine Superstore
Highly skilled/educated workforce
Largely diverse selection
Buying in bulk
Retail concept only (no bar/food enjoyment)
Staff of Wine Aficionados
Wine Selection
Offers Wine Tasting
Wine Making Classes
Customer Wine Reviews
Large Selection of Wines
Each wine has a description of flavor, body, & scent

Helps find a wine that you will enjoy and suits your personal tastes
Why Invest?
Located within new $38 million development in Downtown Kennesaw off Main Street.
Geographically fitting to target market
Affluent and growing area
SCA Relationship
New development drawing in large crowds of local people
Development meant to mimic the atmosphere of Downtown Roswell and Woodstock, built to appeal to customers through friendly experiences.
Creating and building relationships appeals to customers and drives them to continually return.
SCA Relationship
Copy Platform


Wine Around the World
College ID Night
Daily Wine Tasting
VIP Membership
Media Channels

Google AdWords

By the glass:
By the bottle:
Wine Tasting:
Three Tier Pricing Structure depending on selection
Low to high end pricing structure allows the customer to choose for themselves a variety of different wines within their price range
Affordable prices encourage new customers to try once
Gives staff a chance to build customer intimacy to ensure repeat visitors
Appealing to all levels of income is a huge advantage in gaining and keeping new customers
over 500 wines on hand
60+ by the glass
International and Craft beers
Wine friendly Pairing Plates

Flavor Profiles
Food Pairings
Beer and Wine
based on preferences

Bistro atmosphere
Social interaction
Open environment
Bonding =
customer intimacy
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