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ENGO MV International 2014

No description

Mine Vaganti NGO

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of ENGO MV International 2014

MV International
ENGO MV International (ENGO MVI) is a network of 18 European Organisations/NGOs aimed at promoting participatory planning between NGO promoting the exchange of knowledge among professionals in the field of European design.
MVI is official partner (together with Gathimba Foundation and the Youth Commitee of the Spanish Athletic Federation) of the long term project “Fill My Value Backpack”.
The project has the aim of using in an innovative way Sport as a tool for education in various countries across the 5 continents.
The first stage took place in Kenya (March 3-17th, 2014) where we involved 3036 children and 30 teachers, youth leaders, politicians and stakeholders.

Hong Kong
The European Non Governmental Organization (ENGO) MV International (MVI) is a non profit "association of associations" that intends to carry out social involvement and community building activities for its members and stake holding (third) parties encouraging participation, freedom and dignity of its members.

It excludes any religious, political, trade union, professional or category interest, as well as protective and/or economic interest of its members.
Nowadays the Engo counts on the full commitment of 18 NGOs: Italy (Mine Vaganti NGO), Spain (Intercambia), Greece (Euriti), Slovenia (Spolint), Romania (Cecis), Portugal (Intercultural Mobility Friends), Denmark (Det Nødvendige Seminarium), Bulgaria (Champion Factory), Poland (Instytutu Dziedzictwa Kruszwicy), Austria (Gain & Sustain), The Nedherlands(Validee), Croatia (Udruga Prevenja), Malta (Training to Malta), Norway (Intermezzo Ungdom) Ukraine (Donetsk Euroclub) Armenia (Meliora), Georgia (ASA) and Azerbaijan (Towards the Unit).
The ENGO promotes:
- Social Entrepreneurship
- Sustainabiity
- Social inclusion
- The recognition of Non Formal Education

In line with these values and objectives, thanks to its role as advisor for public and private bodies – well served by identifications of / and participations in European programmes, as through execution of EU projects for these bodies – the co-founder established a serious network and Youth platform of ENGO partners around Europe
Mine Vaganti NGO, Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia and Cecis are the co-founding organization of the ENGO.

South America
Who are we?
Central America
Key Words:
Social Entrepreneurship
European Projects
Transcontinental Projects
Non Formal Education Recognition
VET Providers
Structural Funds
Strategic Partnership

ENGO MVI is in the process for being accredited to EYF.
We will be able to apply for international projects and structural funds with the Council of Europe
MV International is working on several european and trans-continental projects
Thank you!
MV International
Sassari (SS)
Via Largo Budapest n.9.C
email: secretary@mvinternational.info




Tel: +39-079601000
Fax: +39-078943615

NFE Focus
MVI ambition is to integrate above Key actions in future project proposals and Non Formal Education applications.

For this purpose MVI intends to send its members to participate in related projects and activities in Europe and the rest of the world and, at the same time, organize similar events trough its network.

These activities and cooperation’s are expected to generate advisory agreements and execution services for public, local governments, universities, SME’s and foundations that will strengthen the association’s status, community valorization and impact capabilities.
The ENGO is also based on e-team work.
Some of the project were born thanks to the proficient cooperation with our volunteers and our partners.
The board estimate the value of the project and then a team start to work using different virtual methods for sharing informations like Social Network, file sharing system as Dropbox and Skype.

MV International (MVI) implemented the Training Course "In NFE we Trust" which aimed to valorize the high quality system of NFE and to validate and create a common form of certification of the key competences gained in a non formal education context.
Since non-formal education is not recognized in all European countries, one of the main objectives of MVI is to train social workers at a professional level in order to serve as a support for the youth.


1. President:
Mr. Johannes De Waal (Validee.com)
2. Secretary
Ms. Roberta Dessì (MVNGO)
3. Erasmus+ Projects
Ms. Adina Vladu (CECIS) & Ms. Shirin Amin (Champion Factory)
4. Foundations & Transcontinental Projects
Mr. Roberto Solinas (MVNGO)
Mr Igor Pronobis
(Instytutu Dziedzictwa Kruszwicy)
5. Tresaurer
Ms. Maria Grazia Pirina (MVNGO)
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