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Multiple Nuclei Model

No description

Torrey Vogel

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Multiple Nuclei Model

The Multiple Nuclei Model says that while a city may start with Central Business district (CBD), other, smaller CBDs develop on outskirts of the city to the more valuable housing areas that allow an easier commute from the outskirts of the city. This creates multiple nodes, or nuclei. The Multiple Nuclei Model describes the layout of a city. Multiple Nuclei Model Chauncy Harris and Edward Ullman created the Multiple Nuclei Model in disagreement with the Concentric Zone Model and Sector Model. They made it with the innovation of transportation and cars in mind. Their model recognizes that the CBD is losing its dominant position as the single nucleus of the urban area. Each urban area has their own nuclei. Cities don't grow one nuclei but several, each one acting as a growth point for more nuclei to develop.
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