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No description

elsher akhmedov

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of fafa

Gözdenur Kılavuz
Ezgi Afrin

Ezgi Afrin
Gözdenur Kılavuz


Kamila Lazaryan

Olesia Karkin

Joonhwan Lee
Yoorha Lee

Elsher Akhmedov

*Brand asset

Strongest Global identitiy

Over 1,200 contracted service.
Repair shops provide common.

- 12.6% market share in the industry
- ……….. budget size

Fastest consumer

*Strong brand name and good financial position
*Major leaders in casualty and property sectors

*Staff competition from other insurance company’s
*Limited portfolio
*Less profits as compared to competitors

*Expansion in other countries
*Diversifying portfolios for customer’s
*Retirement schemes

*Legal issues
*Too many strong competitors in market

*Competitors’ asset charts
*Market Share Tables
*Communication strategies
*Usage Numbers

*What is insurance?
*Why should use ? and Who?
*AXA insurance
*Competition Analysis


We live in fortunate times, in the sense that almost all conditions have a treatment.
But do you have the economic power to cover such a treatment?
Now, you can get the treatment at selected medical institutions of Turkey.
Without thinking twice about the treatment costs.

It is a policy to cover the surcharges the insured may pay for medical services from private medical institutions contracted by the Social Security Agency (SGK), under special and general terms and conditions of the product.

The institutions contracted by the SGK should also have a contract with AXA SİGORTA, for this product.
That’s why,By buying this policy, you can make use of the wide network of institutions which have a contract with SGK.And receive treatment at private hospitals, without paying surcharge.

Complementary Health Insurance can be purchased
by Turkish citizens in the age bracket 0- 55, who are covered by SGK.

AXA is one of the most active groups in insurance and asset management of the last 20 years. It operates in many countries worldwide.

Today,AXA is a world leader in financial protection and wealth management.
Our business- Financial Protection-involves responding to the evolving needs of our clients- whether they are individuals, small or medium-sized business, or large corporations-in the areas of insurance, personal protection, savings and estate planning.

Our attitudes

Available: We are there when our customers need us and we listen to them, truly.
Attentive: We treat our customers with empathy and consideration, provide personalized advice along their lives and reward their loyalty.
Reliable: We say what we do and do what we say, we deliver and keep our customers informed, so that they can trust us.

Sector Leader in the tax
AXA Insurance in the insurance sector, ranking # 1 in corporation tax in 2008, among the top 500 companies in Turkey took place the 36th.

Management Strategy
AXA Insurance practice has been the subject of books with management.
Professor Dr. Arman Crimea differentiation thoughts about several successful examples of places that
Mora pricing strategies of cows Smart called management practices book chapter toys from around the world Us and South West Airlines, applications in AXA Insurance in Turkey are examined.
Rauf Ateş’s ‘’The New Normal: Ways to stay standing in the business world’’ a book on world examples given regarding the successful implementation of this framework, AXA Insurance applications are also included.

All of Turkey Reaching Common Service Network spread throughout the country with over 1,200 contracted service and repair shops provide common services.
24 Hour Services in damage
365 days a year, 24 hours a day without interruption damage immediately be reached No. 1 999 212 444 ‘’Claims Contact Center’’ and every time they hear the customers’ needs, are very fast.


To attract people from public to private hospitals benefiting them with complementary health insurance.
Increase awareness.
Effective advertising.
To persuade that private hospital’s service is highter quality and more reliable.




AXA’s core target is those who do not have a standart private insurance, but go to private hospitals and pay the difference vs public and private.

AXA aims families with children. Our main target audience 21-32. Also group can be presented in group age as 32-55 .

Good treatment and access to good health services is everybody’ s right.

Target Audience
AXA’s core target is those who do not have a standart private insurance, but go to private hospitals and pay the difference vs public and private.

AXA aims families with children.

Good treatment and access to good health services is everybody’ s right.

AXA will be with you and will support all of your choices you have made.

AXA provides you a service for live better and safe.

AXA is to be close to its consumer.

AXA has lack of communication with its customers.
AXA has no effective advertising according to their strategy to attract people to private hospitals.
AXA has no advertising about its complementary health product.
People afraid of private hospitals because of its image of expensive service.

Communication problems
Make more advertising.

Increase number of hospitals and distribution channels.

Reach the core segment ( those who go to private hospitals and pay the difference vs public and private )

Create communication channels to interact with customers.

Marketing solutions
Creating and effective ads, billboards.
Create call centers to provide information when needed.
Create AXA mobile application
Creative solutions
What do we say?
We say that AXA sigorta will provide famillies and their children qualitive health service.
Complementary private health insurance policy will cover the price gap between public and private hospitals.
We aim to be in our consumer’s life and provide them a health service for live better and safer life.

Focus group



Trends : People who care are about their families’ health as much as theirselves’ health.
Young families needs insurance before it is too late to apply.
Motivations : Fastest communication with hospitals and doctors.
No extra fees and payments for equipments in hospitals.
Needs : Being secured and knowing that AXA is always with them, where and whenever they need.



* Public Relations will include sport events ,
social activities and social responsibility events

Thanks for your attention!
All the joy we had in this 4 year together
THANK YOU for those moments!

Mobile application
Thank you for your attention!
Total price 1.500.000 $
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