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Advanced Computer Applications

No description

Natalia Baizan

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Advanced Computer Applications

Advanced Computer Applications Talk about Current Events Write and Discuss what we learn each day App "Apple Against the World"
http://www.macworld.com/article/150539/2010/04/apple_world.html "A 19th Century "A 19th-century Mathematician Finally Proves Himself"
http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=121206408 "Smart Grid Augmented Reality"
http://ge.ecomagination.com/smartgrid/?c_id=googaugreal&gclid=CMG65P27lZ4CFdA65QodFhf6pg#/augmented_reality "Living Magazine Cover and Spread"
http://vimeo.com/6861129 "Bonfire Revisited"
http://www.texasmonthly.com/multimedia/video/home/14424 "iami-Based Psystar takes on Apple"
http://www.miaminewtimes.com/content/printVersion/1990554 Today I learned how to put the icon onto my dock; instead of draging the entire folder onto my desktop. I also found out that each pixel box has its own color. Finally, I learned to experiment with new programs, such as photoshop, and to not be afraid to click around to find out how everything works.
- Salma Bargach Today, I learned how to edit pictures and remove blemishes using the healing brush tool, the spot healing brush tool, and the patch tool on Photoshop CS4.
- Priya Bhattacharjee Today in class I learned that the vibrance tool helps add or remove color to a photo
- Ijeoma Okoro I learned how to get to the highschool drive and put something from there onto my desktop so I could import it to Premiere.
- Farris Cunningham I learned that by double clicking on the yellow exclamation point on a text layer when a font on my pc is not recognized by the mac, I can change the font to something the mac does recognize.
- Bridget Daly Today I learned that Apple is one of the few companies that have increased their profit (by 48%).
- Emma Partridge
I learned how drop a folder on the network drive on a MAC.
- gabriella Blunsen I learned that there might be an apple that resembles a tablet computer.
- Natalie Clements I learned how to add videos on iDVD.
- Siobhan Miwatani-Minter I learned how to add diffferent layers of Color Key.
- Amanda Williams I learned how to crop a video.
- Naasha Dotiwalla I learned how to use chrome effect on premiere.
- Natalia Lombana I learned that people can go to places for their internet addiction.
- Celysa Garza Learn about Different Programs Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Notepad (html)
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
Lego Robolab

ave In-depth discussions about things in the technology
world, how they ffect us, and both the positive and negative aspects of each. Adobe Photoshop CS4:
Editing and Retouching
a wedding photograph Skills We Used
Learned how to use clone key to fix blemishes, make things look neat.
learned how to change eye color by changing color tolerance.
learned how to change saturation, brighness, etc...
learned how to blend things together to make them not stand out as much.
learned how to use spot healing, and healing brush tool.

Program we used
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Photoshop CS4: Cloning to make one face
Perfectly Symetrical Skills we used:
clone tool to make one side look exactly like the other
lasso tool used to select and move parts of the face.
spot healing brush used to make all blemishes go away. Program used:
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Example: Photoshop CS4: creating an animated .gif Tools we used:
drawing tool to draw our animated .gif
lasso tool to copy the same image.
animation tool to animate our pictures.
layering tool to layer our images on top of another. Program Used:
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Example: AdobePhotoshop CS4: Making a Magazine Cover Tools we used:
crop tool to crop certain pictures.
text tool to write in our covers
lasso tool to take pictures from image to the next.
layers to put different images and text on top of another. Program Used: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Example: Adobe Premiere CS4: Creating a Music Video Tools we used:
sound editing of both voices and music in order to note make either one too strong.
video cutting in order to cut out unimportant parts.
seaming of video clips so to put together video parts that had been shot at different times.
learning how to apply text to a video so as to add credits, names, etc...
learning how to fade scenes in and out. Program Used:
Adobe Premiere CS4 Example Music Video: NXT Programing: Building Robot
Bumpercars Tools we used:
Lego kits to build the physical bumpercars
NXT programing to program the cars to do what we want.
Program we used:
NXT Programing Example:
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