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The Underground Railroad

No description

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad
Was believed to be founded in 1790
Created by Isaac T. Hopper
Organized for helping and aiding fugitive slaves
Approximately 100,000 slaves escaped from 1810-1850
30,000 escaped to Canada through Underground Railroad
Eluded to Mexico, Canada, Florida, or Caribbean Islands
Faces of Freedom
slave owners wanted Harriet Tubman arrested
they offered $40,000 for her capture
Canada was often called "Promise Land" *
wasn't only used by black slaves
This is a painting/drawing of a group of slaves on their journey to freedom.
Keep in mind....
Walking Through the Nights
A Way to Escape
The underground railroad was neither underground or a railroad. That was just a name used to disguise a system or route that helped the slaves escape from their plantations. They had to disguise the system because during a period of time, aiding slaves was strictly against the law.
most of the slaves goal was Philadelphia
many slaves encountered William Stil
not all slaves travel to Philadelphia

Harriet Tubman: One of the most influential people involved in the Underground Railroad. Harriet was a slave who escaped in 1850.

Frederick Douglass: A leader of the Underground Railroad in New York who escaped from the south as a young man. Frederick wrote numerous amounts of auto-biographies as his time as a slave.
Levi Coffin: Occasionally referred to as the "President of the Underground Railroad" Levi helped nearly 3,000 slaves on their voyage to freedom.
John Fairfield: Fairfield became an abolitionist and a director of the Underground Railroad, he concieved schemes in order to help the slaves escape.
Historical Timeline
Did you know?





Recources/ Bibliography

Take a Closer Look..

By: Inai Luevano
They're being used
They're being beat
It's been three days since they got to eat.
They decide to leave
For once and for all,
They get out on the roads
And wait around 'til night fall

They follow their conductors
They talk in divergent codes
Traveling in compact groups
They stride through the northern roads.

What a big risk they're taking
What a big law they're breaking,
They can't turn back
As they can lose their track.

They can get into enormous trouble
The slaves and the helpers
Can get hung and swung
And whipped and ripped.
But they want their freedom
They want their rights
Even if it means
Traveling accross the country for countless nights.

*Canada was called the "Promise Land" because in 1772 it was declared if you were a fugitive slave, when you stepped foot on Canadian soil. You are legally free.
If you would like to learn more about the Underground Railroad,
click on link below!

How did the Slaves Travel?
The slaves traveled in miniature groups
They roamed house to house
Most traveled at night
Talked in riddles and secret codes
Had special signals/ clues
Were put into hidden spots
Sometimes one gender dressed as opposite gender

By: Inai Luevano
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