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Teachers and technology: how engaged are we?

In late 2011 we asked over 400 Navitas English teachers to tell us how they're using technology in teaching.

Navitas LTT

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Teachers and technology: how engaged are we?

Who took part?
Over half with more than
years' teaching experience
Teaching in different locations
feel ‘Very positive' or ‘Quite positive’
"What THREE words come to mind when you think about teaching with technology?"
Want to see the bigger picture?
school facilities
teacher/student roles
language acquisition

It's not ‘easy’ Professional Development...
‘Technology’ goes much deeper than it appears
questioning and re-evaluating methods
testing beliefs about learning
...it's a challenge and an opportunity to re-assess what, how and why we teach and learn English.
of teachers own a laptop or mobile phone
3/4 use their own devices for teaching
Over 400 Navitas English teachers around Australia (30 minute online questionnaire)

full time teaching staff
"You can follow breaking news stories over weeks; build a wealth of new vocabulary and relevant grammatical structures.
This is engaging for students because [they] would be discussing these stories in their own languages, anyway..."
"Unless you are well-trained in the use of technology, it can go wrong very easily and preparation takes much longer than usual.
I see it as a useful and necessary addition to the classroom but I am not always confident in using it"
real world links new ideas
Technology tensions!
Teacher's Toolkit
65% everyday
CD Player
36% everyday
26% everyday
How are we learning?
How often do you use these devices in your teaching (and/or preparation)?
use internet for teaching and/or preparation
Showing visuals
Student presentations
Pecha Kucha!
have used PowerPoint in teaching
Research for class topics

Useful articles/authentic texts

Websites for class activities

Search for audio/video resources
mostly as a search tool...
to find video resources
...but not much for social networking*
What areas of teaching with technology do you think you need most guidance with at the moment?
Understanding how to integrate it into my lessons
Using digital images, audio and video
Knowing how to use equipment
Projectors rule!
Favourite way to show images

Favourite way to show video

Fixed projectors (ceiling mounted)
beat portable devices any day...
You got skills?
*with one exception...
never video or audio record students
...and the humble tape recorder lives on (for some)!
those who do record are experimenting with an
ever-increasing range of devices
use the audio recorder on their phone
Are we sharing?
share digital resources via USB
share digital resources via email
upload to a class Facebook group or page
"It is a useful way for students to obtain information. The class researched correct laptop postures using blogging sites, youtube, etc..."
"Students can communicate with each other outside of the classroom, in ways that are often very natural for them."
"If I invite students to join a group and then something happens between students, what is my responsibility?"
"Privacy...safety...especially for learners whose first language/cultural familiarity may not have prepared them for the 'dangers'"
What are the main BENEFITS of social media for teaching and learning, in your opinion?
What CONCERNS do you have about social media for teaching and learning?
rate staffroom/peers as best source of ideas and advice
Understanding social media
chatting and recommending websites and technology
for teaching
Teaching and technology: how engaged are we?
"It is learner-centred, the students can replicate the experience and feel in control, and find new ways to use it"
"When I really master a tech lesson I feel really proud of myself, and love to share the results with other teachers. Using many forms of new tech is a truly major challenge for me so the feeling of accomplishment is valuable"
I'm ok
I'm ok
Tell me more
Tell me more
Are we creating?
technology makes us question EVERYTHING...
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