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양준영 자기소개서

프레지 자기소개

JunYeong YANG

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of 양준영 자기소개서

I love the sport game.
Sports game have excited me. And Especially I like FIFA online game.
I want to many expience about outdoor sport.
Could you listen to my chat?
I worry my mistake about low English.
Reply career
Thank you. I will bless you.
Reply 2002
Reply 2010
Reply 2014
Reply 2022
바야흐로 1987년 10월 10일 한 부부에게 소중하고 귀한 자식이 태어 났으니..!!
Do you know
the t.v shopping?
My one's first job.
H i s s t o r y
H e i s
H i s f u t u r e
Actually, To play the exercise is good with nice people.
If I get a chance, I play execercising with you.
Do you like the the Maketing? I like the active maketing. I like the commerce about the market and TV shopping.

I'm thinking popular items, why sold-out it?
And I like cooking Korean food.
Are you gourmet?, Can you have my excellent food?
I worked many jobs for livelihood.
I can`t write jobs for all experience. because of too much..T.T
worked a field of construction work.
manufacturer used item.
load and unload object.
made a delivery to foods.
distributed leaflet to passerby.
human resources office
sent me for working housekeeper.
In the mart sales the item, how shout for promotion.
physical labor
I`m worked mental labor.
M.C, tele-maketer, cookee, dirver, waiter, karaoke, mart cashier, making paper... blabla~~*20!!!!!!!!!
yes, I was born with a chef spoon.
but, I don`t care because with good people.
I was technical school student in department of Electrical Engineering.
Actually, I should go to technical school as low grade.
I thought getting a job since freshman in the high school.
So, I`m Univercity of freshman when was yahoo.
due to haven`t the vision.
But I changeed life when 24 years for future.
But I studied S.A.T for filial duty.
The boy`s dream
When I was the child, what my dream is the Police.
hmm~ Maybe I hope the peace by me.

I staied GOD from my mind when I was middle school.
Because I want the win of puberty.
I have transfomed my thinking about leanring English.
Many korean people is stress about learing English.
Deo to It wrong method by Korean English culture.
I try to social activity. Start-up contest, Volunteer
, Festival support, Students' union, etc...
I was soldier as U.N army. Republic of Korea mans have to go Army.
It`s obligation. Almost mans will go to army.
UNIFIL is U.N of Army. And Interim force in the Lebanon for peace.
Many experiences is important by my life. want to good experience for my life.
As I have learned practical knowledge
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