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No description

Adam Cohen

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of LinkedIn

Adam Cohen
Amanda Arochas
Aly Montgomery
Founded in May 2003 as a career management and professional networking service
Business Model
LinkedIn earns revenue from three segments:
Hiring Solutions
Marketing Solutions
Premium Subscriptions
Internal Analysis
External Analysis: General Environment
Exponential growth of social networking worldwide
Job applications all online

High unemployment rate leads to more job seekers
Sluggish hiring in foreign labor markets
External Analysis: Competitive Environment

1. Viadeo
35 million members in 226 countries
Largest in Europe, China, and South America
Growth through acquisitions in China, Spain, India, and Canada
Maintain separate websites to address the local ways of networking

11 million members in mostly German speaking countries
Similar business model as LinkedIn
Offers service to organize, promote, and sell tickets for events

3. Other competitors include Ryze and Doostang, which use niche strategies
Strategic Recommendations
1. Continue investment in R&D and acquiring talent
2. Free premium subscription if you get laid off
3. Customer feedback system
4. Event planning service
Jerry Shen
Venture capital funded new features, and opened new offices in six more countries by 2011
Launched IPO in May 2011 - the first large social network to be publicly traded
Promise to prioritize customers before investors
The largest percentage of revenue has shifted from subscriptions to hiring since 2009
Profit Margin
2008: 2009: 2010:
-5.7% -3.3% 6.3%
Compound annual growth rate of 77%
Q & A
***Spoiler Alert***
Market capitalization of $8.9 billion
Investor confidence is growing on the bullish stock rating due to exceeding market expectations
Rapid investing in:
Human Resources
Marketing and Sales
External Analysis: Competitive Environment
Internal Analysis: Continued
Substitutes and other threats:
Job searching websites:
Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com
Losing to social network trend
Over-saturated with competitors
Medium threat of new entrants:
Utilize more than one professional social network
Bandwagon effect from being a significant market leader
Easy to replicate business model
Resource Based View
Intangible Resources: Customer Base

Strong performance in capital market

Secondary offering of 4.66 million shares.

Tangible Resources:
Financial Resource
Active acquisitions:



Intangible Resources: Synergy

Innovative leader in CEO Jeff Weiner
Acquired tech firms globally for the purpose of building a talented international workforce
Website experiences few technical disturbances

Introduced Intelligent Application Platform
Made apps for iPhone, Palm, and Blackberry
Social networks:
Facebook, Twitter
Unlikely to enter professional market
Compliments not substitutes
Market Cap: $28 billion
Net Income: $22 million
Intellectual capital:
The difference between a firm’s market value and book value
A measure of the value of a firm’s intangible assets
LinkedIn's market to book value approx. 20
Intangible Resources: Intellectual Capital
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