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Mount Unzen

also by Sophia Roca and Autumn Moll

Kristina Tian

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Mount Unzen

General Description
"Main Page." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 20 May 2014. Web. 20 May 2014. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page>.
Extra Fun/Interesting Facts:
~The historically active vent of Unzen, Mayu-yama lava dome complex, is about 4,000 years old.
~In 1792, the collapse of one of its several lava domes triggered a tsunami that killed 15,000 people in Japan's worst ever volcanic-disaster.
~The last eruptions of the volcano were from 1990-1995.

First eruption: 450 B.C.E. (3000 years)
Most famous eruption: 1792; eruption triggered tsunami which caused 15,000 deaths.
Most recent eruption: February 10th, 1996
Type of eruption: explosive
Damage/severity, number of people killed and injured (recent eruption): Damaged occupied areas near the city of Shimabara. Eruption also caused many fatalities during this time; 43 people were killed in the period of the eruption from 1990-1995.
Duration of eruptions: 3-6 months; longest was 5 years with the most recent eruption
Continuing Facts about Mount Unzen:
Map Coordinates: 32.7567 N, 130.2944 E
-lahar deposits surround Unzen
-extensive pyroclastic flow
-the Heisei-Shinzan peaks and the Fugen-dake make up the latter lava dome
-Mt. Unzen is part of Shimabara Peninsula, which includes many islands (Mt. Unzen is located in Kyūshū, Japan, one of the country's southernmost main islands)
-The Arie River starts at Mt. Unzen flows to the Ariake Sea.
-Mt. Unzen is near the city Shimabara, Nagasaki Prefecture, which is home to at least 48,461 people.

Mt. Unzen after eruption
Mount Unzen
By Sophia Roca, Kristina Tian, & Autumn Moll
The Volcano we are doing is:

Mount Unzen
Facts about Mount Unzen:
Mt. Unzen; InterRUPTED (facts about Mt. Unzen and its eruptions)
Mount Unzen is an active volcano. It is located near the city of Shimabara, Naasaki Prefecture, on the island of Kyushu, Japan's southernmost main island.
Height: 4462 ft
Elevation: 4457 ft
Crater Dimensions:
Volume: 0.1 cubic km, but gets larger when it deposits sediment into the crater.

(background picture of Mt. Unzen before eruption)
"Unzen." Volcano, Kyushu (Japan). Volcano Discovery, 19 Jan. 2014. Web. 22 May 2014. <http://www.volcanodiscovery.com/unzen.html>.
Thanks for watching!!!

(background picture of Mt. Unzen erupting)
"Global Volcanism Program | Unzendake." Global Volcanism Program | Unzendake. Smithsonian Institution, 2013. Web. 21 May 2014. <http://www.volcano.si.edu/volcano.cfm?vn=282100>.

1.2x0.8km long 230-540m thick
Roscoe, Richard, Dr. "Unzen Volcano (Mt Fugen / Fugendake)." Web log post. Unzen Volcano. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 May 2014.
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