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Paper Towns by John Green

No description

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Paper Towns by John Green

Paper Towns by John Green
Maddy Gray 4th prd.

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Margo Roth Spiegelman
Margo has bright blue eyes, short dark brown hair
Quentin "Q" Jacobson
Q is tall , with shaggy brown hair, and brown eyes. He is in band with few friends. And never punctual.

Minor characters
Orlando, Flordia
High School
Agloe, New York
She is dependant , smart, cunning, sneaky,
"popular" (but she hates that) and mostly, different
Margo always runs away for a few weeks and goes on crazy adventures all over America. When she runs away 3 weeks before graduation, Q takes it upon himself to find her and bring her back.
the antagonist
the protagonist
Q is "nerdy", intellegent, determined, and hopeful.
Q is the main character. He tries to find Margo by
collecting clues she leaves behind and putting the pieces together like a puzzle.
Ben is Q's best friend. He is also in band and considered a nerd. He isn't very bright. He doesn't question Q on this journey to find Margo.
Ben is humorous, competitive, and imaginative.
Ben helps Q throughout the journey of finding Margo. he never questions Q even when he thinks he's gone a little insane. He just goes with it.
Radar is Q's other best friend. He is logical and keeps everyone grounded. He cares about his friends.
Radar is smart, logical, extremely punctual, and responsible.
Radar is who keeps Q in check when he becomes a little insane searching for Margo. He does the math and makes it so their trip will be smooth,work, and be possible.
Lacey is Ben's girlfriend. She is pretty and has a ton of friends.
Lacey is popular, nice, and smart.
Lacey is Ben's girlfriend and becomes one of Q's best friends.She was Margo's best friend. Lacey helps everyone find Margo because she knew her so wel, by telling them her interests, and the way she acted.
significant objects
blue spray paint:
Whenever Margo gets revenge on someone or goes somewhere she tags the pace with a fancy "M" in blue spray paint. One night while her and Q are getting revenge on people she tags places with a "M" and a little note like "From your dear friend, M". then as Q is looking for Margo he finds bits of blue spray paint on the walls of the abandoned store showing she had been in there at some point.
Black nail polish
The night Margo and q get revenge Margo starts painting her toes with the nail polish. Then while in the abandoned store Q finds a bottle of the nail polish another sign Margo had recently been in there. It is also a more feminine object and Q sees it as a way of seeing Margo and her personality.
significant object#2
Sometimes to truly under stand someone you need to let them go.
Q thought he understood who Margo was but these were just assumptions he made based on the way she appeared. He didn't know the REAL Margo Spiegelman, he knew the image she precieved to be. When Margo runs away Q waits it out a few weeks, becuase this is normal when it comes to her. But after a while when she doesn't come back Q finds himself on a journey looking for Margo and discovering who she truly is. Not the Fictional character in his mind he called Margo.
Q, Radar,Ben, and Margo are introduced. The author tells you the daily routine of Q.
Rising Action:
Margo wants to get revenge on people and she brings Q with. The next day Margo is gone. She leaves some clues but they don't really lead anywhere, but Q thinks he can find her .
Q, Radar, Lacey and Ben travel to New York where they believe Margo is. that's when they find her.
Q realizes that, it wasn't really worth finding Margo, she isn't happy that they did and shes refusing to come back. Q tells Margo good bye and heads back to Florida.
Let her go
by Passenger
I chose this as my song because ita about how you dont truly appreciate or know anything until you don't have it. Q never really knew Margo but he thought he knew everything there was to her. When she runs away and he looks for her he discovers clues that tell the story behind this popular girl named Margo. He discovers that he didn't know Margo until she was gone, and he didn't have her in his life.
They all find Margo, but she says she isn't coming back and shes going to keep traveling America
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