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Let's buy Wii U

No description

Takuya Sugimura

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Let's buy Wii U

Functions Let's buy Wii U What do you think this graph? game Internet Karaoke Wii U Game Pad 1.the game to use Game Pad

2.train the reflexes and Intuition

3.output video in HD 1.We can be online shopping that used Internet browser

2.we can talk with friend by video chat

3.Available Miiverse 1.Wii U has a function that karaoke room has not function

2.we need the money to use karaoke

3.Over 90,000 song music b1011133 Takuya Sugimura
b1011172 Kouki Enomoto
b1011088 Yuji Ofune camera and mike
include gyro sencer
display is touch panel
have role about TV
It can use to turn 90 degrees Future Conclusion Let's buy Wii U !! This is percentage of people who plan to buy a Wii U.

want to buy
interested not to buy
not buy Wii U is new game hard that was released by Nintendo Thank you
for listening
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