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V for Vendetta: IOP

No description

Katrina Karasek

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of V for Vendetta: IOP

Evey & V
-Rebirth in fire
-Defiance, he refused to submit to Norse Fire
-Created a need for revenge
-Completely self-initiated

V for Vendetta: IOP

Evey and V
Fire and Water
By: Katrina Karasek
I would mold the world of fire and dew.

-William Butler Yeats

-Both go through a form of "rebirth", which changes them
-Their rebirths make them stronger
-Lead to great things
-Crucial in the development of the story
-Symbolic: V as fire, Evey as water
-V destroys the government while Every presumably rebuilds it
-Similar in many ways but are ultimately opposite in what they lead to, and their reasoning
Burns, destroys
Difficult to stop
Definition of "Rebirth":

-The process of being reincarnated or born again.

-The action of reappearing or starting to flourish or increase after a decline; revival.
-Rebirth in water

-By accepting death, she is free
-Prepares her for taking up V's role as leader of the rebellion
-Assisted by V
-Leads to peace

Necessary for survival
Brings life
Extinguishes fire
V as Fire:

-V represents the fire necessary to ignite and burn down what Norsefire has done
-Fire, like V's ideas of freedom and liberty, spreads throughout the people

-Like V's actions , fire is destructive and ruthless.
Evey as Water
-Evey uses the blank canvas created by V to start again
-like water, Evey brings a fresh start
-Unlike fire, Evey is not driven by anger and revenge

Why is this significant?
-Highlights the contrast between the strenghts of V and Evey
- Highlights the different roles of V and Evey in the rebellion
-Draws attention to the significance of the rebirths of Evey and V and how they shape them as overall characters.
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