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Christian Denominations

No description

Sophia Paikopoulos

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Christian Denominations

Christian Denominations
"Jehovah's Witness compared with the Roman Catholic Church"
The Eight Aspects
The basis of all religions
Comparing significant events of the Roman Catholic Church to that of Jehovah's Witnesses
We conducted our research on the basis of the eight aspects of religion.
Social Structures
Sacred Texts
The Social Structure of Jehovah's Witness
Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses
Based in Brooklyn, New York
Six Committees
Responsible for the Worldwide Witness community
Made up of 150-200 people within any given region
Experienced men within the Witness community
Ministerial Servants
Assist elders with their many duties
'Brothers' and 'Sisters'
Witness followers, members of the congregation
Religious Ethics
1054 AD- 1517 AD
1908- Present
325 AD- 431 AD
26 AD- 70 AD
1054 AD- 1517 AD
1054 AD- The Schism between Eastern Orthodox and Western
form of Christianity
1483 AD- The birth of Martin Luther
1517 AD- Martin Luther posts 95 Thesis

1843- William Miller (A Witness) predicts world’s end
1844- Arithmetical Error re-predicts world’s end. This did not happen and many withdrew from the Adventist Witness, but a remnant led by Allen G White went on to form the 7th Day Adventist Church.

1852- Charles Taze Russell is born (the future founder of the Jehovah’s Witness religion.)
1879- This diminished Adventism urged Charles Russell to initiate the Watchtower (otherwise known as Jehovah’s Witness), later known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, the centre of teaching for Jehovah Witness.

1908- Present

1908- The headquarter moves to Brooklyn (as it is)
1914- The second coming of Jesus Christ was
predicted, however this did not eventuate.
1916- Death of Charles Taze Russell.
Present- There are over 7 million active Jehovah's
Witnesses who continue to practice and spread their
beliefs and morals.
26 AD- John the Baptist begins ministry
27 AD- Jesus begins ministry
30 AD- The Crucifixion of Jesus
49 AD- The Council of Jerusalem
70 AD- The fall of Jerusalem

325 AD- 431 AD
325 AD- The Council of the Church of Nicea
336 AD- The Death of Constantine
380 AD- Christianity made the official religion of the Roman Empire
381 AD- The Council of Constantinople
431 AD- The Council of Ephesus
451 AD- The Council of Chalcedon

Religious Experience
Sacred Symbols
Christian Bible
New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures
Sacred Stories
Religious Rituals
"Love and reverence for God, along with a healthy respect for his power and authority, result in our hating and avoiding the bad things he hates. Clear thinking ability, coupled with godly knowledge, helps us recognise dangers that can poison our mind, heart, and spirituality. We come to abhor selfish and greedy attitudes that can wreck our family and destroy our relationship with Jehovah."

Cynical Views of
the Media
-moral living
-Jesus and his purpose

The Trinity
Jesus Christ
The Afterlife
Lazarus and The Rich Man
Religious Services
Roman Catholicism
Jehovah's Witnesses
(Kingdom Halls)
Higher Education discouraged
Witnessing & Evangelism
Jehovah's Witness
26 AD - 70 AD
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