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Vocabulary Skills

Context Clues, Apposition, Word Structure

Vincent Amendolare

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Vocabulary Skills

APPOSITION Word, followed by definition Word, definition CONTEXT CLUES Clues around the word Word Clue Clue Clue Clue WORD STRUCTURE Parts of the word give clues How to Grow
Wealthy in Words OBJECTIVE We will learn how to find the meaning of unknown words independently! PrefixWordSuffix EXAMPLE Fish, whales, and dolphins are aquatic animals. Context Clues Using other words in the sentence or paragraph to figure out a word's meaning. Apposition The word is followed by the definition and is often set off by commas EXAMPLE Each transformed organism is fitted to, or adapted to, its habitat. Word Structure The meaning of a word can be figured out using the prefix or suffix. EXAMPLE She was unhappy with her decision.
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