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how did hitler get rid of the opposition?

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Megan Bailey

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of how did hitler get rid of the opposition?

How did Hitler get rid of the opposition??? In Hitlers attempt to rise to power he defeated who he thought were his enemies. He killed millions and yet showed no sign of remorse. Through his many strives for power hitler created what was called Hitlers youth. This was an organization which taught young people to obey Hitler and to think of the nazis way of life being the better choice for them. This was an ideal way to decrease the chance of the next generation (i.e where he was going to get his main force from) from opposing him, however this did not always work as some of his youth opposed Hitler for putting them in that position. Those who did something about it or who admitted they resented Hitler would be executed. In 1930's, Adolf Hitler,nazis party leader,ordered a terrible purge to kill many members of his own nazis party and the s.s wise know as the storm troopers,as he thought they had taken his earlier national socialism propaganda too seriously and that this would ruin his plans of suppressing the workers rights in exchange with the german war industry. This was called 'the night of the long knives' or can be otherwise referred to as 'operation hummingbird'. In Hitler's eyes Jews, Communists and others who were brave enough to stand up to him had to be killed, as Hitler saw them as a threat to his power. Hitler referred to Jews as people who weren't human beings. He killed millions of innocent people just because they didn't fit his image of an ideal German person. He sent millions of Jews to concentration camps, where they suffered terribly. however Hitler made them suffer on their journey as well. They were loaded onto as small train without for days and many of them died there. At the camps, if they were taken to the death camps they were tricked into their death. They were taken to gas chambers and got told they were going for a shower, and got tricked into going for death walks. If they were at the work camps, they would die of disease or lack of care from the Nazi soldiers. They became extremely weak. Hitler created what was known as the s.s or the dreaded 'black shirts' which were originally created as the gestapo. The gestapo originated as Hitlers secret service which set out against Goering political opponents and soon expand to the s.s who were able to seize and arrest anyone at will without any regard for the law or court. Hitler saw the Jews as a threat and began to separate them from the rest of the Aryan race, saying they were not aloud to go to particular places and even restricted them to a particular area known as a ghetto. Later on, Hitler, also sent the Jews to work camps , where those who were healthy and able to work would be kept at the work camp and those who couldn't, would be sent to their deaths. Evalution of Bibliography We found the most useful source to be medival minds textbook as it gave us an insight as to what different methods Hitler used to get rid of the opposition. We found that the least helpful source was wikipedia as this wasn't a trustworthy site to use.
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