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No description

NolenBelle Bryant

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Family

Definition of family
Family is a conceptually fluid term; though the idea of family has always been important in social constructs, the actual definition has evolved radically from tribal communities on the Serengeti, to blood ties for economic gains and social structures, to nuclear families, and to today's definition of family which is the most radical yet: Family is who loves you, regardless of relation.
For many people, they find love and comfort, which is therefore family, outside of the human race.
Family is not contingent upon genes. More and more, marriages are providing adopted children with loving homes.
Churches have long created a 'family of believers'. This photo was taken at a wedding where the whole church gathered to celebrate the new couple.
by NolenBelle Bryant
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Many find new family when they branch out to college and gain roomates. These girls shown bellow were randomly assigned together their freshmen year and became so close that they chose to stay roomates for the next year as well.
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Bonds formed amount schoolmates need not be limited to a semester, school year, or even college career. This family built around college has stood the test of time and is happily reunited once more at their alma mater.
Many cases of affection between animals have been undeniably identified. Family is not even an entirely human concept because many animals form strong bond in a traditional unit such as the wolf pack or in the non traditional sense like the bottom two images.
Growing up in the same town and going to the same school creates strong friendships. For some, these friendships form family units which can transcend time and distance. The girls seen here are celebrating New Years together as a family.
Here is the more traditional construct of a family: Mother, Father, and Children all happily sitting in rocking chairs. This unit, wrapped in a white picket fence, is the historical make up of the nuclear family.
Still for others, being united by a common cause, such as a sports team, can form some of the strongest and most lasting ties. This football family prays together for the health of one of their injured players.
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