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One Handed Catch Book Report

No description

Travis Politakis

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of One Handed Catch Book Report

One Handed Catch
Mj Auch
Genre: Fiction
Mj Auch
Born: 1939 in New York
Wrote the book;
Ashes of Roses
Her dad owned the second largest chicken farm in the United States
San Fransisco, California in 1946 after World War 2.
Main Characters:
His hand was cut-off while operating the meat shredder at his parents market.
Norms baseball teammate and friend
Norms best friend
One 4Th of July, Norm was helping his parents at the meat market. When Norm wasn't paying attention, his hand got caught in the meat shredder. Norm loved baseball so when this happened he was devastated. When school started, he played baseball in PE but struggled. He decided to buy a right hand glove to field with so when he fielded the ball he could slip the glove off and throw the ball. He practiced and practiced and decided to try out for the school team.
Why I Chose this book
I chose this book because It is about my favorite sport and the introduction seemed very catching
One Handed Catch Book Report
Travis Politakis
8th Grade
I recommend this book because it was easy and enjoyable to read. I also recommend this book because it gives you as lot of information about baseball in the late 1940's
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