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My Passion

No description

Yamil Guzman

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of My Passion

My journey
High school made me change a lot of my thoughts for my future. At first I wanted to be a doctor. But in my sophomore year something made me want change my career option.
That's when I met someone who would be walking with me on the same path.
Finding my passion
My friend and I had a passion for our future generation. We wanted to help our school some way. We had many ideas but none of them were the best. One idea that we both had was to open a daycare here. We would be the ones to run it since we both liked to take care of kids.
The challenges
When we had to prepare for a pitch competition; the winner gets $500 to start their business. We were given a mentor, a college prof. , she was "Optimistic". She said our dream wasn't "realistic enough". But that didn't stop me nor my friend.
And guess who came in 1st place?
We did .
Let's think
Everyone has a talent.
Some can play an instrument,
Others can sing very well,
Some can make amazing art,
Others can learn easily,
Everyone has a talent.
The Mini Mustang Program (
My Passion ...
We all have a passion for something.
The Change
When we first came up with the idea for our Daycare for Meadowcreek, we had to come up with a name/logo.
H.O.P.E. (Honoring Opportunities & Pursuing Excellent)
We Changed our whole logo. We felt like it was more suiting for the school.
The Mini Mustangs
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