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Skire Unifier Construction Modification Process

A summary of changes to the Skire Unifier Construction Modification Process

Alicia Pientek

on 31 January 2012

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Transcript of Skire Unifier Construction Modification Process

Unifier Construction Modification Process
Below are the workflows Skire Unifier uses to generate a change.
After Skire initates the "Spawn Step". Skire uses the workflow below to generate a CPR.
The Mod process is initiated by two business processes in Skire... OIC's and NOC's
Change Proposal Request
After a CPR has been approved Skire then spawns 3 business processes at the same time.
OIC Workflow
NOC Workflow Part I
NOC Workflow Part II
Noticed the "S"? The "S" means "Spawn Step". When a business process reaches a spawn step that means a new business process is initated or spawned. In this case when an OIC or NOC has been approved, Unifier automatically assigns a task to the CM team to "Proceed with a CPR".
Present & Future of the Construction Mod Process in Unifier
Project Estimate Workflow
Time Impact Analysis Workflow
Contractor Proposal
See that "S" Step...
Only an approved Project Estimate can spawn an NPOS.
The estimate and TIA determines the level of the NPOS. Each level requires different signatures.
Present NPOS Workflow
So who signs an NPOS?
Level A Determination - CM, FCM & CE
Level B Determination - CM, FCM, PAM, CE, MTACC VP PC and Assistant Director of Procurment
Level C Detemination - CM, FCM, CE, MTACC EVP, PMC, SVP PE, Director of Procurment
So what does Skire do when an NPOS needs to be signed?
Skire sends all users/approvers of the NPOS in that level a task to "sign the NPOS" at the same time. If one of them disagrees than all assignees are required to re-respond. Unifier uses the resoliving action to determine what path the workflow should take.
So what's the problem?
The areas highlighted in yellow reflect duplicate signatures. For example, the Chief Scheduler approved the Schedule in the process before (TIA), now he needs to resign again in the NPOS process.
In addition, the workflow gives too many users the ability to "request clarification" which delays the process.
We have revised the Project Estimate workflow to capture the Chief Estimator approval.
And the NPOS workflow has been changed to...
Thank you for your attention!
Overall these changes to the Construction Modification business processes will expedite and make creating a construction modification much easier!
In the new NPOS workflow, Unifier automatically carries over the Chief Estimator and Chief Scheduler's electronic approval.

And only the Construction Manager can "request change".

We also have added legal to the process for them to review the NPOS language before the CM approves it.

And now there is a "Funding Source Review", where Nick Calabria confirms the source of funding (contingency, scope transfer, or other).

In addition, the SR VP PE will now approve NPOS levels B and C.

These changes eliminate the delay of signatures due to a user "requesting clarification". In addition, the new NPOS and PE workflow speeds up the process by eliminating the duplicate signatures of the Chief Estimator and Chief Scheduler.
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