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Jim Carrey

No description

victoria gress

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Jim Carrey

Jim carrey
Jim wanted to grow up and be either a comedian or a actor. Jim is a important person because he is a great actor and makes people crack up laughing,he is kind of is inspiring because he had a hard life and now he is rich and a great person.
Jim Carrey
Jim was a nice and humorous person.
Jim practiced his jokes to help him get better.
Jim knew when he was growing up that he wanted to be a comedian or an actor.
Jim Carrey
His real name is James Eugene Carrey.
He was born in Newmarket Ontario, Canada
His birthday is January 17,1962
His parents names are Kathleen and Percy Carrey.Percy has a sense of humor this is were Jim gets it.
Jim was thirteen, his father lost his job, Jim had to quit school because he was having trouble with school and going to the factory were he had to work to raise money for his family. When Jim Carrey was 15 and Jim scheduled a stand up performance, that night he didn't do so good everyone booed him off stage.
Jim Carrey
my book is Jim Carrey.
I chose this book because I wanted to see how his life was when he was younger and see if he was rich when he was growing up. Also I wanted to know if he had the personality that he has now like being humorous.
Jim Carrey's main accomplishments.
Jims Carrey's failures and strugggles.
when growing up Jim had his ups and downs, his dad was an alcholic and he had to quite school to go work at a factory to take care of his family. He also got in trouble in school a lot because he cracked jokes on people.
Jim is an actor,his work is important because he makes everybody laugh and have a good time.
He teached everybody if you practice and practice you will susceed in life.

things we should know about Jim Carrey
Jim was in lots of movies like
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
The Mask
Bruce Nolan
Count Olaf
these are some of the movies he was in.
i do admire Jim
the reason I do admire Jim Carrey is because when he was younger he had troubles in his life, and he kept on practicing and he did achieve his goal to be a actor.
Wukovits,John.Jim Carrey.San Diego,1999.print
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