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Earl Watts

No description

Miriam Tyson

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of Earl Watts

By: Earl K. Watts Jr.
Bill Bowerman family
The Beginning
The Rocket
Phil Knight
The Birth of Genus
The co-founders of Nike, Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight have truly impacted the world. Bill Bowerman was born February 19, 1911 in Portland Oregon. His father was the former governor. Unfortunately in 1913 his parents got a divorce. Bill had two other siblings, Dan , Mary Elizabeth, and a twin brother , Thomas who died in an elevator accident when bill was two.

Barbara Bowerman
Barbara Bowerman was born February 9, 1936. She got married in high school to Bill.
So after they got married, Bill went to Oregon University as track coach.
Phil Knight was born on February 24,1938. Bill was Phil' s coach. Phil wasn't that fast of a runner so Bob decided to test out his knew idea on runner that wasn't much value.
The Idea
Bill's idea was to make a shoe that had a better grip. Bill would Make the shoe fit the runners specific feet with his invention the waffle sole shoe. He began selling them out if his car and Phil helped when he could.
Bill's shoe had rocketed off and Phil and Bill had started a business called Nike which is the greek goddess of victory and began to innovate and invent everything sports related and they truly became victorious.
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