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The Boar Out There

No description

Emily Lane

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of The Boar Out There

The Boar Out There
Sensory Language
"Splintery rail fence"
"Sharp thorns and briars"
"Hot summer day"
"Jenny could sense her ears tingle"
"...stood stiff with wet eyes"
Point of View/Voice
The story is from Jenny's point of view.
She shows her feelings for the boar:
she pitties him
she was scared of him in the beginning
Shares her thoughts and feelings:
imagines the boar tearing through the forest in fear and pain
thinks it's surprising when the whole town lives in fear of the boar, when really the boar is terrified of a little girl

"Nothing is at it seems"
Jenny's town lives in fear of a wild boar, who seems terrifying.
When Jenny meets the boar, she discovers the boar is more terrified of her than she is of him
Jenny's town fears the boar.
Jenny fears the boar.
The boar fears Jenny.
Literary Terms
The story takes place in the woods over by the Miller farm in a small town called Glen Morgan.

Present Day: We know cars were invented - "There was an old black Dodge past the splintery"

The atmosphere gives the reader a feeling of danger:
The boar was running towards Jenny
"as deep in the woods"
"forgot to breath"
"horrible, confusing"
"stiff with wet eyes"
"no time to scream and run"
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