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Ao Dai

No description

Ruby Tequila

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Ao Dai

The Beautiful Ao Dai Introduction

The bride usually wears beautiful “Ao Dai” in red or pink with mythical figures such as the dragon and phoenix and Chinese prints.

The bride’s head is adorned with a matching headpiece. Ao Dai for Marriage Ceremonies World Leaders is attending the APEC 2006 Summit in Hanoi dressed in Ao Dai When is Ao Dai wore ? Since 1975
Ao Dai is the main category in every contests Beauty Pageants and Contests No designs or just little Mouring and Worship Name
Color an Material Feature The First Innovation What is an Ao Dai? Grace, Beauty and Elegance In early 18th: a halter top with a skirt.

History Of Ao Dai Kimono of Japanese Choengsam of Chinese Ao dai of Vietnamese Throne for national In 1744: Lord Phuc Khoat Nguyen had new idea about "Ao Dai" - wearing trousers and a gown with a buttons down the front. In 1930: Cat Tuong artist painted and embellishment style dress shirt women called "Cat Tuong Le Mur" - high neck, no waist Trinh Thuc Oanh - a female school of the Hanoi School made a more bold reforms, pressing her shirt waist, hugging the road pretty charming characters of female. The traditional dress for women in Vietnam is costume that is called" Ao Dai" (pronounced "ow' yai" or "ow' zai") literally meaning "Long Dress" - A two-piece garment made of cloth.
- It is full-length and worn over loose silk trousers.
Nut bam than ao: hooks (used as fasteners) and holes
Ong tay: sleeve
Duong ben: inside seam
Nut moc ket thuc: main hook and hole
Tà sau: back flap
Khuy co: collar button
Co áo: collar
Duong may: seam
Ong tay: sleeve
Kích (eo): waist
Tà truoc: front flap
Tà sao: back flap Material
Velvet, silk, satin, embroidered, painted or printed with flowers pattern. School girl: white Long Dress Female: red ones LET'S TRY
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