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Character Autopsy

No description

Ellen Holzhauer

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of Character Autopsy

Character Autopsy Choose a character from the novel and explain each of his body parts using your computer

Use textual evidence and symbols to support your explanations The Body Parts are... Head: Intellectual Side of the character- What are his dreams? Visions? Internal philosophies?
{Symbol & Quote} Eyes: Seeing through the character's eyes- What memorable sights affect him? How?
{Symbol & Quote} Ears: Hearing through the character's ears- What does he notice and remember others saying to him? How is he affected?
{Quote} Mouth: The character's communication- What philosophy does the character share? What arguments/debates?
{Symbol & Quote} Hands: The hands should be holding literal or figurative items associated with the character. (Ismet holding his cigarettes)
{Symbol & Quote} Heart: The heart should be placed to best represent what this character loves most. Decide what it should look like (whole, broken, "hardened," etc.) Decide what symbols should be included in it.
{Symbol & Quote} Backbone: The backbone should visually convey what motivates the character most. Think about the ways to show why your character does what he does.
{Symbol & Quote} Torso (Guts): The instinctive side of the character- When is a time when the character had to act on instinct? It could be due to fear, pain, hidden feelings, etc.
{Symbol & Quote} Feet: The feet should be a symbolic representation of the character's most fundamental beliefs about life.
{Symbol & Quote}
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