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Working with Portraits

Alannis Barnes

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Portraiture

-Portraiture- In Rainbows (by Phillip Schumacher) (by Nishe) (Audray De Macedo by Nicolas Méphane) (by Jessie Koon) -(Portraits that I like and inspire me)- (unknown) -Experimental Portraiture- -Classic Portraiture- (Untitled by Kyle Thompson) Experimental Portaiture involves the subject to pose is strange ways,
creating shapes with the angle of there body ,
making the image interesting the look at.
These type of photos are usually full of colour and things you wouldn't normally see in an everyday photograph. Classic portraiture usually just shows
the head and shoulders of a person , and is normally face on. These type of pictures can have one or more people in them , especially if it's a family portrait you are taking. Two main types of Portraiture. (Untitled by Kyle Thomposon) (Zombie boy by Unknown) -Patrick Rochon- Patrick Rochon uses light painting to create an interesting and different look to his portraits. Lewis Hine Lewis Hine's portraiture is traditional.
And was usually taken during work times,
showing the conditions they have to work in. Portraiture Proposal: What do you consider a portrait to be? There are many diffrent types of portaiture;
You can a have a portrait of a persons face , a portrait of an animal. The shape of someones body against a background could still be classed as a portrait. I Consider a portrait to consist of a person being in the photo , Whether it just be there head or entier body. Quotes from respected artists/photographers on portraiture: 'A picture is a secret about a secret , the more it tells you the less you know' - Diane Arbus

'You dont take a photograph , you make it.' - Ansel Adams Have you taken any portraits before? What was your Experience? How did you feel behind/infront of the camera? I Have taken many portraits before , mostly of myself , but i have taken some of my family members. I Don't mind being behind or infront of the camera , i find both enjoyable to do . I Like to do it as a hobby and find it interesting to experiment with different ideas and i love to create a story to the picture..

Some of my Self Portriature: How would you now like to use photography to explore portraiture? I Would like to experiment more and develop new ideas as time goes on. Id like to experiment more with using the body and skeleton structure. What is your motivation to follow the path you are suggesting? My motivation is to just be creative and experimental with my ideas , and hope they develop into new and interesting ideas. What will you do for your traditional portrait style? I Would like to take pictures of my family members for my traditional portrait, A classic head and shoulders picture. Where will you take your portraits? It depends on what direction i decide to go with taking my portraits , Maybe at home or on a location somewhere. Experimenting with Light Portraiture We used the dark room to create some interesting portraits with light. We also experimented with using props , like Animal/Humans Skulls , Umbrellas and different types of lighting (Camera Flashes , Torch's and flames) - The idea for this work was inspired by Patrick Rochons light portraiture. Though our work was completely experimental and we had not planned anything out , i think that the images we created turned out to look pretty good.
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