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Madison Hodge

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Peru

Peru Accommodations Arts and Culture Historic sites Food Outdoor recreation The top ten historical sites in Peru. The colco valley is known for its beautiful collonial homes, churches, and monasteries . These houses , churches and monastries are made out of volcanic rock. That is the top place to go to. This is a beautiful canyon called, The Antelope Canyon. Peru is the actual founder of the potato. Here is one famous desert in Peru that purivian people eat. Here is one of the rock statues in the Antelope Canyon. Look at the rock closely. One of Peru's accommodations is this beautiful hotel. It is one of the most neatest and nicest hotels in Peru. This hotel is luxurious and very tall. As the day ends the sun lets u watch it come to an end. Lets all go to this snow white beach.
This is a famous piece of art in Peru. This is a famous statue made out of real hair.
This is what it looks like on the inside of most average hotels. Outdoor hiking is well known in Peru. People usually camp out on the mountains, like the people in this picture. This is a picture of a Mask Festival in Peru. This is a Peru salad. That you may have for dinner, lunch, or just maybe a snack.
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