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Canada vs Middle Ages

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raffay ilyas

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Canada vs Middle Ages

Canada vs Middle Ages: A Comparative Study
What century do we live in?
We live in the 21th century
What year and which century did Canada became country?
Canada became a country in July 1, 1867 which is the 19th century
Create a hierarcy that represents canadian society
Points for each section
Crown - is at the top of the Hierarcy and the head of state
Governor General - Queen representative
Prime minister -leader of the party with the most seats in House of Commons

Senator- they are appointed to the senate by the Governor General
Premier - Leader of a provincial government
Similarities between the two hierarcy
The similarity that I found was that the queen is at the top of the hierarcy and the difference is that,in the middle ages, there are power level for each station but in canadian hierarcy it doesn't have the power level of each station and also everyone has the same rights whether it is a queen or king, all the rules apply to everyone which sets the perfect democracy.
Canada vs Middle Ages
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