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on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Flannery O'Connor Greenleaf
Mrs.May - the owner of the farm
- Self-righteous,self-satisfied, she sees herself as superior to the Greenleaf family through means of education, social status, and the fact that she owns the farm and gave Mr. Greenleaf his job fifteen years ago
- fine christian lady, goes to church every week but she doesn't believe any of it.
- racist towards African-American.
- doesn't not happy with how her two son treat her.

Mr.Greenleaf - humble and honest
- respects Mrs.May and obeys her order to kill the bull even though it is against his own intuition.

Mrs.Greenleaf - very devoted religious lady.
- most of her time praying Jesus to stab her heart for redemption of her sins. -took place in rural area of America in around mid 19th century Irony Symbolism The fact that he stabs Mrs.May's heat and kill her like Mrs.Greenleaf's praying---Jesus, please stabe me in the heart; parallel can be drawn between the bull and Jesus Christ. Mrs.May wants to keep away the bull from her properties and from herself the same way she wants Jesus to be no part of her life. Also Jesus went into the darkness (crucify) resurrected after and came back to save the people, same for the bull, he goes into the forest and escapes, but comes back to pierce Mrs.May's heart, allow her to see her fault: false belief of the religion. by Characters -Third person-limited
(only Mrs.May's thought and feelings are express while others are hidden) Mr.Greenleaf's twin sons:O.T and E.T
Hard-working and fine boys (according to Mrs.May), each owns a farm to support theirs families after successful career in the army and education in agriculture. Mrs.May's sons: Wesley and Scofield
Wesley is a quiet and intellectual,while Scofield is a insurance sales man. They live together with Mrs.May.
Unlike Greenleaf, both are rude toward their mother and have no interest in farming. Protagonist Plot This story begins with Mrs.May's dream of something is eating away her properties.As she wakes up from the sound of chewing , she finds the stray bull is eating her crops near her cabin. She is absolutely furious about the bull and demands her farm worker, Mr.Greenleaf to pen him. She finds that bull is a missing bull that someone owned and no one wants it back. When time passes she begins impatient and orders Mr.Greenleaf to shoot him instantly. However, the bull turns on Mrs.May and kills her by piercing in the heart with bull's horn. Setting Point of View Situational Irony
Although Mrs.May is very despise toward Greenleaf and, yet she continues to employ Mr.Greenleaf. Also Mrs. May thinks of herself as a good Christian, yet never does or says anything nice or Christian-like.
Dramatic Irony
Mrs.May sees herself better than Greenleaf in terms of social status, education and etc. However, she doesn't not realize how bad the situation of her family compare to Greenleaf. For example, readers know Mr.Greenleaf sons are more independent and disciplined than Mrs.May's sons who are very rude toward their mother and still living under Mrs.May's roof in their mid 30s. But for Mrs.May doesn't know this situation. Bull Antagonist Conflict Human vs Human
Mrs.May Greenleaf
Although this main conflict may not be physical, the perspective toward Greenleaf family by Mrs.May creates irony, suspend to the story. Human vs Nature
Mrs.May The bull It was written in 1956 and published in 1965 in her short story collection Theme One theme that i come up for this story is
"Don't mess with Mother Nature"

Mrs.May wants to control and pen the stray bull(nature) but in return to her favour, she is awarded with death. Everything That Rises Must Converge
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