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The Midwest Region

No description

Jocelyn Ragatz

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of The Midwest Region

The Midwest Region
By Joci Ragatz The Land Wind Cave You will need to put on a jacket because its a nice 53 degrease. Don't travel here alone, because it is one of the bewildering "Maze Caves". It has over 90 miles of passageways. Sleeping Bear Dunes Is located near Lake Michigan It was made by Glaciers left enormous heaps of sand and gravel. Lake Itasca Lake Itasca is the source of the Mississippi The lake was named by Henry Schoolcraft back in the days when explorers could name places. The name is short for "veritas caput" witch means "true head or source" in Latin. States
And Capitals The Culture The Economy Fun Facts Mining The world's largest open pit mines operates near Hibbing, Minnesota it is nearly 5 miles long, 1 mile wide, and 500 feet deep. Hull Rust Mine in the Mesabi Range in Minnesota, it will take 50 one story school stacked on top of each other. Farming There are three mane belts the dairy belt, the corn belt, and the wheat belt. Most of the food is grow in the Midwest then any other region. Factories The workers make cars, furniture, and opulence. They bring the items over to other city by boat. Many people work in the giant factories. These are all the states and capitals in the Midwest! Minnesota
South Dakota
North Dakota St. Paul
Des Moines
Bismarck States Capitals Art Korczak Ziolkowski sculpted the statue of Chief Crazy. Gutzon Borglum's Built the giant statue of four of are most famous president George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Tomes Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln at Mount Rushmore. At Mount Rushmore George Washington head is 60 feet tall. Corn Belt During harvest time it is a tradition to decorate places with stalks and ears of corn. The first corn palace was built in Iowa in 1887. Green cornstalks and ears of corn in every color have been arrange to make beautiful patterns. Indy 500 It's the worlds biggest automobile racing events, the Indy 500 in Indianapolis. The cars can go over 200 miles per hour. In 1999, Sarah Fisher became the youngest person to ever pass the Indy Racing League Rookie test. Settlers in other regions used wood as fuel to heat their homes and cook their food To "mass-produce" means to make lots and lots of the same thing. The Model T was one of the first cars to be mass produced. Henry Ford made just 19,000 of the Model T's in 1910. By 1913, Ford produced 248,000 cars!
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