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Hatian Revolution

The Hatian slave revolt on the French powers

Kane Gumaohumuze

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Hatian Revolution

Tossaint L'Ouverture Saint-Domingue Hatian Revolution Project Hatian Revolution French Revolution's Impact Distinct Class System Conclusion Of Hatian Revolution The freed-blacks of Saint Domingue heard of the Declaration of the Rights of Man was established and wanted it to be passed through the colonies but were unfortunatly turned down; which further provoked the road to revolution. Dominant white/caucaisan socail class Then it is the Mulattoes who were free but were the offsprings of a salve and caucaisian person. Last it was the slave class that was given no rights and no freedom. Was basically the Hatian slave revolution leader. Also known as the "Black Napoleon". Was the first successful slave revolution in history
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