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Crisis Management for Pop Star

PR Writing Class Final

Angel CHE

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Crisis Management for Pop Star

L.A. PR Agency Crisis Management for Pop Star Situation Objectives: WIN Analysis of Target Public(s) Core Message: Specific Appeals to be Used: Communication Channels: Goal of the Campain 1.Facts
Andy Lee
Car Accident

2.Who are damaged?
(Company and Andy)

3.How is the damage?
Actions 1. Andy LEE’s fans;
2. other popular competitive stars
and their fans;
3. racists who have bias on
Andy LEE’s half-blood identity. Official Announcement
Updating Everyday news
News Release
News Conference
Interview from Different People realized the severity of the fault
hoped to turn over a new lea
still a good pop star
please forgive him New media:
Facebook, RenRen, Weibo, Twitter, BBS.

TVs, general weeklies, entertainment magazines and entertainment sections of daily newspapers Reduce the Damage:
save the reputation
keep the sales of albums and concert tickets
maintain the income from advertisement
keep stock price of the company Within 24 hours Everyday
Updating Information health condition of the man hurt by this accident
investigate process from the police
personal situation of Andy LEE Day 5
News Conference Day 6
Interview Reports from Different Angles:

HKAA President

Group Members

Hospital Stuff

Fans Within 24 hours Hopitial :
save life (top one)
pay all the fee

corporate What Should We Do After This Crisis? Within 24 h Everyday
Updating Day 5 Day 6 Evaluation Methods: Awareness:
exposure frequency of the accident (reports number, click rate, posts, videos).

number of positive feedbacks from social media and BBS platforms.

sales (Andy LEE’s albums, concert tickets)
numbers (TV shows and advertisement activities) Thanks!
Q&A Presentator:
CHEN Mo (Lucia): 12435066
PPT Maker:
CHE Anqi (Angel): 12435058
introduce the situation
adimit the fault
beg for forgiving
afterwards action

media relationship
attitude Official Announcement
details of car accident
attitude of Andy and company

News Release for Mainstream Media
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