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Graduation in Nevada or New Orelans


Agassi Student

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Graduation in Nevada or New Orelans

Quotation 1
Headline 3
Headline 4
Teachers in these high schools and colleges try to help these teens. They give the teens a good education for, a reason, they push them so they will learn. And not drop out.The teachers solution's to this is to help the kids to get a good job. So, they help they don't push them to there limits cause thats why they dropped out. They want them to graduate come on you teens do better.
Why would the teens drop out or don't graduate just cause they have a bad education?

What will you do if you were having a bad
The history of the prolem in Nevada and New Orelans
Headline 5
Graduation Rates in Nevada and Louisiana
Wenseday, March,16,2016
So, the history of this problem is lots and lots a people drop out of school or don't graduate. I always wonder why, cause why would you want to drop out of high school so i will make a positive change.
The reason why teens drop out is they just get tired, the history pass on to generation to generation. Teens decide to drop out on there own if they get a bad job there problem 2 reasons why they don't graduate and why they drop out not a good education or just sick, and tired of schol.
Current solutions/ strategies to address the problem.
Questions 1 and 3 next paper
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