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The Rhetorical Situation

Overview of Basic Rhetorical Analysis

John Salyers

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of The Rhetorical Situation

Speaker Audience Tone Purpose Medium Text Subject context context context Who is doing the talking, writing, drawing, singing etc...?
A mental construct of the author, not an actual person.
Ex. A comedian on-stage is not the same person
as the guy who writes the jokes. What is the topic? Who is intended to read, watch, hear this?
Who is actually reading, watching, or hearing it?
Who would the ideal audience be? What is the argument trying to accomplish? What is the means by which the argument is conveyed? The attitude of the author towards the subject.
Playful, serious, angry, etc... Larger occasion- Environment of Ideas, attitudes, and emotions that swirl around a broad issue. immediate an event that catches the writer's attention and triggers a response The conditions under which the audience is presented with the subject. may often bring to the subject preconceived ideas about the subject What is the audiences disposition towards the speaker? What is the speaker's towards the audience? Rhetorical Situation video, print, audio, performance, etc... S.
E. Who is the speaker? What is the occasion? Who is the audience? What is the purpose? What is the subject? What is the tone? one. Ethical Appeals Logical Appeals Emotional Appeals
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