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No description

Jack Vehrenkamp

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Countdown

Countdown By: Deborah Wiles 10...9...8... Characters The Characters in Countdown add a lot to the story. Here are the most important ones that impact the story. Franny-protagonist
Drew-Franny's saintly younger brother
Uncle Otis-Franny's crazy uncle
Jo Ellen-Franny's older sister
Mom-Franny's mom
Daddy-Franny's dad
Margie-Franny's "best friend"
Cris-the "cute new kid"
Gale-Franny's new friend
Jack-Franny's dog 7... Protagonist and Antgonist Relationships Protagonist-Franny
Antagonists-Mom, Jo Ellen, Uncle Otis and Margie (These antagonists are not always obstacles for Franny.) Mom- Franny's mother is a very interesting character. She is very understanding, but when she overworks Franny and basically ignores her she becomes an obstacle for Franny Jo Ellen- Jo Ellen is one of Franny's favorite people, but when Jo Ellen is gone for long periods of time, Franny feels hurt and alone. Uncle Otis- Uncle Otis is a great person, but he is old and slightly crazy Sometimes he will go on crazy speeches and do crazy things. This embarrasses Franny and sometimes gets her into trouble. Margie- Margie is Franny's best friend until things start to change. Margie becomes friends with different people and they fight a lot. Franny gets very angry at Margie until she and Margie realize they both need each other. 6... Person vs. Society: Conflict Franny feels ignored by her family and friends.
Russia and the U.S.A. are in the middle of the cold war, causing stress and air raid siren's. Person vs. Person Franny fight a lot with Margie about little things that, as friends, they must overcome. Person vs. Self Franny doesn't believe in herself and this causes her to lose confidence with many things, Franny needs to believe in herself 5... Setting The setting for Countdown was very interesting due to the fact that it was set in Maryland, close to Washington D.C. The time period was in 1662 at the height of the Cold War. Washington D.C. was a prime target for Soviet missiles. This location added more fear and depth to the story. 4... Examples of Direct Characterization: Characterization Franny describes herself as homely, (lacking elegance or beauty.)
Franny describes Drew as being a saint.
Franny describes Margie as mean. Examples of Indirect Characterization Uncle Otis goes on long and crazy rants and raves. This implies that Uncle Otis is crazy, but it never says anything directly. Dad has the ability to make things seem alright and in control. This implies that Franny's dad is a kind and comforting person, but it never actually states that. 3... Countdown is a complex book with many different aspects and themes. The most prominent them would be, Things don't always work as they're supposed to. When this happens you have to put in a little more effort and overcome the obstacles. In the book, a lot of things fall apart in Franny's life all at the same time. She loses her best friend, her Uncle has to go to the hospital, Jo Ellen, her sister, has to leave for long periods of time and the Cuban missile crisis happens. Franny doesn't give up, she buckles down and overcomes all the challenges that are thrown at her. She shows us all that we can make it through. Theme 2... (Plot Diagram For Countdown) Plot The plot for Countdown is interesting because the action happens constantly. Events happen throughout the story and there is rarely a dull moment. It differs from the Outsiders due to the fact that the action takes place gradually throughout the whole story. 1... By: Deborah Wiles Countdown 0.....?? "We're eyeball to eyeball,and I think the other fellow just blinked." Secretary of State Dean Rusk on Cuban Missile Crisis Resolution. Prezi By: Jack Vehrenkamp
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