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Saving Fish from Drowning

Independent Reading

Tanja Vidic

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Saving Fish from Drowning

Saving Fish from Drowning
By: Amy Tan Recommendation I do not strongly recommend this book. The reason is because even though the book is a good read, it only keeps you interested at certain parts. Most of the time I was reading the book, I found lack of adventure and only bits of excitement. Then when I was going to put the book down, because I couldn't read anymore, something interesting happened and I kept reading. That is why I do not really recommend this book. Plot (Exposition) pt. 1 Characters: Bibi Chen: protagonist, the story is told from her point-of-view, she was supposed to lead a group of her friends to Burma, but died the day before the trip, she is an art patron. Harry: owns a show called: The Fido Files, and is a dog behaviorist, he is one of the members of Bibi's tour group, he is British, and has a relationship with Marlena. Marlena: she is also one of the members of Bibi's tour group, she is an art patron, she is Asian, and has a daughter; Esme, she is divorced, and later on starts a relationship with Harry. Esme: Marlena's daughter, she is a kind girl, who is very loving toward animals and is 12 years old, she also goes on the trip. Bennie: he is of mixed blood; Mexican-American, he is gay and has a partner, he takes on as the tour group leader after Bibi dies. Heidi: she is Marlena's half-sister and she is a worry-wart, she worries about everyone's safety, she is like this due to a traumatizing past, she is also a member of the trip and later marries Moff. Moff: He used to grow drugs, but has changed and now runs a bamboo growing business for decoration, he is American and has a son; Rupert, he is divorced, and is also one of the members on the trip. He gets married to Heidi later on. Rupert: He is Moff's son, he is a very adventurous boy and also a member on the trip, he is mistaken as the Younger White Brother, by the Karen Tribe of Burma Roxanne: She is American, she is married to Dwight, but she later gets a divorce, and she is very athletic and accomplished. she is also a member of the trip. Dwight: Roxanne's Husband, he is also American and a psychologist, he gets on everyone's nerves sometimes, he is also athletic and accomplished not as much as Roxanne, also he goes on the trip, and after he and Roxanne divorce. Wyatt: He is Wendy's boyfriend, and he 'mooches' off of people, but he is a really nice guy and is very caring, his is American, and also a member, but after the trip he breaks up with Wendy. Wendy: She is another member of the trip, she is American, she is part of a Global Rights Group, she is a little conceited and not too bright, she likes Wyatt, but after the trip they break up. Vera: She is African- American, Bibi is like her mother, so she is devastated when she dies, she has two children and she is another member of the trip, she works to promote, bravery and leadership in people. Plot (Exposition) pt. 2 Setting: This story takes place mostly in:
1. California-The place where the trip to Burma was planned. Also this is where Bibi is found dead.
2. China- The members of the tour group go to China before their trip to Burma, but since they cause trouble, they leave to Burma earlier than expected.
3. Burma- They reach Burma and most of the group with the exception of Harry are 'kidnapped' by the Karen Tribe, because Rupert is mistaken as the Younger White Brother. Plot (Exposition) pt. 3 Bibi Chen, an Art Patron plans a trip to Burma with her friends to view the art in that region but her unexpected death ensues panic. What will the group do now? Some plan on canceling the trip, but in the end everyone agrees to go, that Bibi would have wanted them to go. So the group does go with Bennie as their new tour leader. Plot (Rising Action) Since Bibi is not there, the group does not follow the schedule. They do what they want and this leads them into trouble; they get expelled from visiting any tourist spots in China. The reason is because Harry uses the toilet on a shrine, he does not know it is a shrine he thinks it is an outside toilet. When security comes to retrieve him and his friends, he finds this out and they pay a fine. Also Rupert climbs into forbidden areas, and the rest of the tourists do other things to get themselves kicked out. After they learn that the group is banned from tourists sites in China this makes them leave to Burma earlier. Plot (Climax) After the group gets into Burma, they explore the area with their new tour guide. (Bennie is still in the Group, he is the head of the group, the guide shows them around the area). All is well so far and they do tourist things; buy souvenirs from locals, explore temples. Soon Karen boatmen 'kidnap' the group and lead them to their village for their 'Christmas Present' that Walter has planned for them. They kidnap them because they think Rupert is the Younger White Brother who can save the Tribe and give them powers, and the reason they kidnap the whole group is because Rupert won't go if everyone else doesn't go with him. Plot (Falling Action) After the group has been missing for a week, Harry the only member who does not go for the 'Christmas Surprise' becomes frightened. So then he brings public attention to his missing friends and in a few weeks, the groups situation becomes known to the whole world. After a few more weeks of being stuck on the deserted forest in Burma, the group is finally found. (All of them are alive, and none knew that they were 'kidnapped' and the Karen Tribe treated them nicely on their stay.) Plot (Resolution) After the group is found, their lives change when they get home (in some aspects). Roxanne and Dwight get a divorce, but finally have a child they have desperately trying to have. Heidi and Moff get married. Marlena and Harry are in a Relationship. Wendy and Wyatt split up. Vera writes a story about strength based on her adventure in Burma. Bennie is happy to be back with his partner at home. Esme and Rupert grow up from children to teenagers. The Karen Tribe finally has a television show and a vow that the soldiers of Burma will not kill them. Bibi finally finds out how she dies, at the end, by her mother's comb. Literary Element One of the main literary elements is foreshadowing. Examples are:
1. When the group does not follow the original schedule made by Bibi this causes them to get in trouble in China and banned from any tourist exhibits in China.
2. When Rupert does his card trick and the boatmen see it this causes the group to be kidnapped by the Karen Tribe, because they think Rupert is The Younger White Brother.
This is why Foreshadowing (a warning of a future event) is one of the main elements.
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