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Learning Management Systems

What's out there and what we can learn from them.

e jose

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems What's out there already? ARIS Engrade Haiku Power Schools Zangle INFO:
Linked to McGraw Hill textbooks
Web based
Stationary computer interface What does it do?
students data
State test scores
Teacher resources from McGraw Hill INFO:
Free Online Gradebook and teaching tools
Stationary Computer database
All information uploaded by individual teachers What does it do?
Student grade data
Student resources (uploaded by teacher) quizzes, discussions, reading list, place to turn in work
Teacher comments
Seating Chart INFO:
Web based
Stationarycomputer interface
Mainly for organizing content for students What does it do?
Allows teachers to create web pages for student learning
Allows teachers to quiz online
Creates an integrated shared calendar that parents can see with assignments INFO:
Highly customizable
District focused What does it do?
Because this one is so customizable, it's hard to tell what it does. According to the website, it does it all. INFO:
By far the best system I looked at
Web-based, but accessible on android and iPhone
Gradebook is JAVA based, so teachers can work on it offline
What does it do?
Holds student health, lunch, fee, grade, contact, attendance info
Teacher lesson plans, standards and grades
Staff directory
What set this apart was not the content, but the ease of use and organization Reports How and What do people get information out of these programs? Different system provide different types of reports

Haiku: No individual student reports

ARIS: parent reports, information for teachers on attendance, individual reports are hard to understand and not 'family friendly', teachers can design their own reports, but it's tricky and looks time consuming

Engrade: shows student average daily, makes mini graphs of individual assignment scores, I had difficulty making any classes "graded"

Power Schools: integrated with 'Pearson Inform', individual student reports are constantly accesible online and 'drillable' to get more in depth information Data Entry This is what is going to make our program stand out!

How do others do it? ARIS
Data entry is unclear

Not sure how or even if teachers can enter information

This is more of a sorting system than an entry system. information can only be edited in original database, not on ARIS Haiku
Teacher and student input, coalborative

It's not super easy to organize and use…a little heavy on the process, you can’t skip around very easily
Teacher is responsible for all data entry

Very localized system for one teacher, sharable

Data is only accessible from one point- “classes”. It’s hard to navigate between classes, you can’t just start typing an assignment, you have to go through all the proper channels
Power Schools

Grade book linked to administration, so when teacher gets there the roster and student info is already input

Teacher inputs assignment, standard and grade info

Gradebook is similar to Engrade easy to learnand use intuitive
innacessible to youth Good things! M or E grades allowed (Engrade)

To add kids to the roster, type first name, last name and number, return for new student, all in one field. Engrade sorts it out later.(Engrade) When creating lesson plans, the standards are already entered, teacher just has to choose which ones apply (ARIS)
Links to textbooks w/ question database for teachers to draw from (ARIS) Ability to group or tag students across classes (ARIS) Use of the word“Draft” for things teachers don’t want parents to see-instead of “Private” (Haiku) Attendance asks teacher to select a code (A, T, P) and then just click in the field of the children to apply it (PS) You can attach standards to assignments in the ‘standards drawer’ so you can grade standards independent from the assignment (PS) Parents can see grade book exactly the same as teacher, including assignments, grades, attendance (PS) Archives everything forever. Can share with teachers next year. (PS) Keeps you signed in all day (Engrade)
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