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Pros and cons on robot teachers

No description

Nick Mantos

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Pros and cons on robot teachers

Robot teachers don't have to get paid they are already programmed for their jobs and will always obey.

Robot teachers are new and will have new methods but otherways teachers have old methods, methods that every teacher uses instead robot teachers have up to date methods.
Many robot teachers have been tested with kids and almost all the kids of the classes that have tried having a robot teacher are enthusiastic of having one. they said it was awesome and really liked the robot, that might mean robot teachers already have a good start.
Many African schools don't have a lot of money it could mean that they don't pay their teachers that much and that means that they could not afford a robot teacher even at the cheapest price.
Robots need electricity and electricity costs a lot and I am sure that a school in Congo wouldn't have enough money to afford electricity. The maximum salary for a teacher in kenya is 1,500,000 KES. A robot teacher called engkey costs 851 327.567 KES.
By: Niccolo and Rayan
What do you think is better a Robot teacher or a Human teacher?

I am going to give you a hint Robot teachers are better
Robots, a solution to education
Another pro is that Robots can teach you technological skills and to poor kids that have absolutely no chance to ever go in contact with technology it is a great chance to learn about technology.

Many robot teachers don't have feelings they can't help you to get over things and help you feel better but human teachers can. A robot wouldn't know what to do.
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