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Animal Hospital

A animal hospiital is only for animals when most of the animals are sick and sometime when animals lost there owner so when people finds animals they bring the animals to us to look after them and then we find the owner of that pet too.

Rukshad Nisha

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Animal Hospital

Thinking and
Talking about the animal hospital The animals
we see I`m a vet Animal Hospital Double click to crop it if necessary San Francisco Budapest (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Stockholm (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Most of the animals we see are pets. Here are some of them.
Sometimes people find lost aniamls
and bring them to the hospital. This
cat was found in a shed. He was very hungry and tired. We gave him food. We will try to find his owners. This x-ray shows the bones in a cat`s leg and tail.
We use a syringe to give injections. My name`s
Rukshad Nisha
and I`m a vet. I work
in an
hospital. Pelople bring
their sick
animals to
see us
at the hospital. Helping animals This dog fell of a wall. She hurt her paw. We will do an x-ray to cheak her paw. This cat scratches herself a lot. She has fleas in her fur. We will put powder on the cat`s fur. The power will kill the fleas. Injections Many pets come to
have injection. Animals have injections to stop them getting ill. This kitten is seven weeks
old and is having her first injection.
It won`t hurt! Alfie`s story This dog`s name is Alifie. He is not well. I always cheak every animals all over. First, I listen to his heart with a stechoscope. Then I feel his tummy. The nurse helps me. Alfie`s bad ear I look in Alfie`s eyes and his ears and I find the problem. Alife has an ear infection. I put some drops in his ear to make it better. Then put a big collar around Alife`s neck. Now Alife can`t scratch his ear. Good boy, Alfie! Suzie`s cheak-up Suzie is an old dog who has come for a cheak-up. Rukshad uses a thermomenter to find out how hot or cold Suzie is. She listens to Suzie`s heart and lungs with a stethoscope. Good girl, Suzie! Rukshad cheaks Suzie`s teeth.Then she weighs Suzie on the scales. Suzie is not ill but she weighs too much. Suzie must not eat sweets and she must go for more walks. The she will keep fit. Good girl,Suzie! Why was this cat at the animal hospital? How did this dog hurt her paw? What pet would you like to have? How would you look after it? What would be the best thing about being a vet? What do you think would be the worst thing about being a vet?
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