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Boolean Searching

No description

Amelia Johnson

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Boolean Searching

George Boole Picture courtesy of: Wikipedia Commons Boolean searching is named after George Boole, a British mathmatician, who wrote about logical ways to formulate precise queries using true-false connectors or "operators" between concepts. So, let's talk about Boolean Logic. So, lets talk about Boolean logic. Boolean Operators AND Decreases the number of results OR NOT Library Marketing Searching for both library and marketing will return results that contain both library and marketing. Increases the number of results Library Marketing Searching for library OR marketing will provide you with results that contain either the word library or the word marketing. Decreases, or limits your search. Library Marketing Searching for library NOT marketing will provide you with results that contain the library so long as it does not also contain the word marketing. ... Ways to use Boolean: Full Boolean
Implied Boolean
Fill-In Template http://www.boolify.org/index.php Time to Boolify your searches!
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