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Should Professional Athletes Take Drug Tests

No description

Mia Marie

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Should Professional Athletes Take Drug Tests

Being professional during their job
I think athletes should be drug tested because they should be honest to the sport and to the fans.
Main Arguments
Drugs can help their career which is cheating.
Drugs can damage the body over time.
While they are working they shouldn't take the drugs.
They can make you infertile, reduce your testicle size and give you testicular cancer if you are male.
Other side effects are Increases Blood Pressure, Bloating, Decrease (good) and Increase (bad) of in HDL cholesterol, Hair Loss and Acne.
When you take steroids, the muscles grow faster than the skin. This causes extra skin to hang around after the muscles leave as seen above.
Should professional athletes have to take drug tests?
Drugs can make the game unfair to other players because it helps build muscles and lets them train and compete longer.
Other athletes don't use drugs and have to work harder than athletes who use drugs.
And look and Lance Armstrong, he was a hypocrite, talking about how drugs were bad and how he despised them, but he was a user himself.
Doing Drugs is Cheating
To the left you will see a picture of a steroid user
kidney and is next to the healthy kidney.

I think the players should take a drug test every 3 months.
If they don't pass the drug test they don't play until they pass the test.
The players have to pass the test before a major sporting event (like the Superbowl) to eligible to play.
Above you will see the kidneys of a steroid user.
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