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Self Reflection

No description

Ms. Tee

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Self Reflection

Self Reflection
Did I Do the Assignment?
Activites: Peer- Evaluation and Editing
Read your partner's paper. Correct any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Write 2-3 suggestions for how to improve their analysis.
Its tough, but we need to have a second set of eyes evaluating our work
Skim your work - evaluate!
Ask yourself: what needs to happen
for me to answer the question?
Make a plan to adjust your writing! Nothing is ever "perfect."
Helpful Advice
Editing and Revising
Take it to the Next Level
Sometimes, you have to "sweat the small stuff"
Partner Up!
We are a community of writers
Sharing is Caring! (a cliche, I know)
Be invested - be specific
Revision & Editing Checklist
Write two insightful compliments about your partner's writing.

Post It
Revision and Editing Checklist

Do I repeat the same words/phrases?

Do I ramble when I can't think of anything else to write?

Do my sentences flow?

Are my sentences the same length?
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