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Embedding Employability Skills into ESOL Classes

No description

Anna Pyrkosz

on 6 July 2017

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Transcript of Embedding Employability Skills into ESOL Classes

embedding employability skills into esol classes
Main questions
Is it possible to teach English and employability
skills at the same time?
Learning English since 1995
Ania banks
ESOL teacher
BA and MA in Slavic Studies
Adult ESOL
tutor & lecturer
EAL Teaching Assistant
Team building tasks
Research & Present
Info gap activity
Which strategies are effective?
What are employability skills and how important are they?
Employability skills
cover letters
application forms
interview techniques
policies (AL, E&D, H&S, etc.)
communication skills
problem solving
customer service
UK Commission for Employment and Skills, 2009: "...too few people have these skills [...] every school, college, university and training provider [must] treat the employability skills of their learners as part of their core business"
The Development Economics Research Group, 2015: "...essential for employers [...] unless such skills are improved, over half a million UK workers will be significantly held back in their job opportunities by the end of the decade"
21st Century Skills, 2014: "...critically important to success in today's world"
Some examples of the strategies used to teach ESOL and Embed Employability Skills
Dick Allwright, 1979:
"If the language teacher's management activities are directed exclusively at involving the learners in solving communication problems in the target language, then the language learning will take care of itself" (p.170)
tutor and student Feedback RE:
the strategies
Tutor said:
"The most useful strategy for embedding employability skills was a running dictation and any other problem solving task [...] The least useful was 'Research & Present'"
Students said:
"The strategies worked better for embedding employability skills than learning ESOL [...] Some of the students haven't improved their language skills at all [...] All of the students are quite a lot more employable"
"The most useful strategy for improving language skills were info gap activities [...] The least useful were presentations"
The most useful for improving employability skills were discussions (60%) and 'Research & Present' (40%); the least useful - none!
The most useful for improving language skills were discussions (100%); the least useful - none!
"[This course is] different from other English courses because other focus on grammar. [Here] there wasn't so much exercise grammar-based. It was more about getting support"
"I prefer speaking and listening because grammar you can learn at home"
40% of the students said they would have liked more grammar-focused activities
Thank you very much for taking part!
any questions?
Pedagogy for Employability Research, 2006: "Many teaching activities that promote good learning in the particular subject also promote employability in general. Employability and subject-specific learning are complementary, not oppositional"
Job Adverts comprehension
What language points and skills can they develop?
CV - find someone who...
running dictation
Cover letter lesson plan
Now it's your turn!
Cover letter
Cover letter - formal and informal language
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