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Laboratory Safety Rules

The rules and safety precautions you should be thinking about and following in a laboratory.

Erin Castle

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Laboratory Safety Rules

Super Awesome Laboratory Safety Rules! 1. The laboratory is to be used for serious work only. 2. Do not perform experiments that are unauthorized. Always obtain your instructor's permission. 3. Do not use any apparatus for anything other than its intended use. 4. Do not mix or misuse chemicals. Do not pour anything back into original containers. 5. Know the location for the following and use of the following safety equipment: MSDS and other chemicals information, eye wash station and chemical shower, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Blanket, First Aid Kit, and phones. 6. Report ANY accident, injury, chemical spill, or incorrect procedure to your instructor at once...no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. 7. Handle chemicals only under the direction of your instructor. If you come in contact with any chemical, wash it off immediately. 8. Never taste anything in the lab. Even some common household ingredients have added ingredients that will make you sick. 9. Never remove ANY chemical or equipment from the same science room. 10. Place used chemicals and broken glass in designated spaces. 11. Do not wear loose clothing or untied long hair around an open flame. Do not wear hats or jewelry on lab days. Wear long pants and closed-toed shoes on lab days. 12. Do NOT burn paper or other flammables items in an open flame. 13. If clothing catches on fire: smother it or "Stop, drop, and roll". NEVER RUN. 14. HOT GLASS LOOKS LIKE COLD GLASS. Think before you handle anything in the lab. 15. NO running or horseplay in the lab. 16. Safety goggles, aprons and gloves MUST be worn during specified labs. 17. When your lab is complete, CLEAN YOUR WORK AREA and return all materials to their proper places. 18. Know first aid procedures for burns, chemical exposure, bleeding, respiratory distress, poisoning, and electric shock. don't do THIS IS A MUST NOT!
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