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Vince Presume

No description

vince nocerino

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Vince Presume

80 Retiro Way Apt #5 San Francisco, CA 94123
925.699.4688 Vsnocerino@gmail.com
I worked for Media Lario, a leading supplier of high-precision reflective optical components and systems, located in Lake Como, Italy
Vincenzo Nocerino
After graduating, I pursued a career in Commercial Real Estate

Customer Success Manager Feb 2010 -June 2011

• Facilitated initiatives for print and online
advertising campaigns, social media presence,
SEO, website design and analytics and marketing partnerships
• Maintained account management responsibilities
with over 100 customers, including 6 of the largest
companies that represented over 25% of company
• Instrumental in helping clients increase ROI by
30% as well as increasing delivery rates by 60%
• Created marketing campaign for Fortune 500
company that led to 50% increase in subscriber

In 2010, I decided to move to San Francisco
to join the fast paced world of

During school I had a number of
internships. My first was in Italy...

I interned at Media Lario from May - August 2006
•Supported CFO – Organized financial statements, reviewed financial strategy, planning and forecasts
•Worked with Marketing Manager in the development and execution of marketing strategies

Prospected 100+ companies to initiate several follow ups and meetings
Conducted market analysis to gain knowledge of growing solar markets and new Green Initiatives.
Analyzed electrical companies clean energy initiatives to create a database of all potential clients
My second
internship was during the
summer of 2008. I worked
at CBRE, within their solar

I worked at Vantage Real Estate
from May to August 2009

I worked with the President to develop, implement and execute custom sales strategies.
Compiled a prospect/property statistical database through extensive market research
Contacted 400+ key company decision makers weekly, which led to dozens of on-premise meetings
Director of CS June 2011-Nov 2012

• Worked extensively with Executive Mgmt to
identify and develop strategic alliances
• First point of contact for billing, compliance,
and general outreach inquiries for over 1,000
• Directly sold/upgraded 100+ accounts
increasing revenue by over $875k, representing
roughly 28% of companies yearly revenue
• Introduced Alpha and Beta products to clients
as well as created new product tutorials and
Help Menu
• Facilitated the redesign of the company
website resulting in 22% page view increase,
33% increase in time spent on website, 25%
increase in number of pages visited and decreased
bounce rate by 11%.
• Managed Topica’s CRM to include escalation
resolution, quality assessment and case management

I started this new chapter in
my life working downtown at an Email Marketing company
called Topica, where I held two
In December 2012, I joined Salesforce.com as an Enterprise Business Representative

• Consistently exceeded sales goals - currently at 135% of assigned quota
• Selected by team to manage and improve overall call activity and quality
• Generated a qualified pipeline of over $1.2 Million in a 5 month period
•Identified, targeted and successfully connected with C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies

I attribute my past successes to my creativity, work ethic and ability to effectively interact with customers. I am extremely organized, an enthusiastic & forward thinking team member, and am always ready to tackle a new challenge.
• Computer Skills: Sales Force, MS Office, Kana Power Client, FrontPage, Loopnet and Costar
• Working knowledge of HTML, Abode Creative
• Knowledge and training in business finance and general accounting principles

Technical Skills
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