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Gravis & Sİbelco

Gunkut Ayvazoglu

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Gravis

Strategic Partnership What Can Gravis Offer ???
In Turkish Market Supply Partner Marketing Partner Strategic Business Development Finding Qualified Turkish Sources Plastics Controlling Quality & Operations Create long term
Supply contracts Ceramic Paint Industry Glass Industry Construction Refractory Filcom (Filtering) Europes’s sixth largest producer with production capacity of 800.000 tons Turkey is the; Accounts for 2,5 bilion $ Europe’s 6th largest paint industry. Control & Manage & Report
Turkish Subsidiaries Run Acqusitions
Merging Projects Market & Source
Research Information & Trading hub
From Sibelco to Turkey Who is Company
Ownership Mission Keys To
Success Cankut Ayvazoglu
Günkut Ayvazoglu International IM company providing Innovative solutions by supplying high quality minerals with excellent service Core Business & Industrial Mineral
Export Natural Zeolite Agricultural Market
Livestock Market
Environmental Market
Industrial Fillers
New Applications IM Based Innovative Products Other
Minerals Perlite
Leonardite Europe's 6th largest glass production industry Turkey is the; World’s 13th largest glass industry with 4,2 milion tons/year production In 2010 Turkish Construction Industry has made 103 milion m2 constructions World’s fourth largest exporter with exports
over 104 milyon m² in ceramic tiles Turkey is the; Accounts for 3.2 % of world production and 11 % of European production in ceramic tiles World’s eleventh largest market in consumption of ceramic tile with 160 milyon m² domestic market, Europe’s largest ceramic sanitary ware manufacturer with an output of 17 million units. Sisecam is Europes 3. world 4th largest glass ware production company Turkey Owns World's;
%72 of Boron Minerals
%50 of Perlite
%20 of Bentonite
%10 of Feldspar
%40 of Calsite
%2,2 of Barite
Reserves Turkey is Exporting World's;
%32 of Magnesite (First in world)
%15 of Feldspar (Second in World)
%7 of Pumice Potential Markets Potential Products
Turkey's 2010 import is;
13 Milion $ Quartz
3,7 Milion $ Feldspar
47,5 Milion $ Kaolin
2,5 Milion $ Dolomite Turkey is Exporting
296000 tons of Quartz worth 31,5 milion$
3,7 Milion tons of Feldspar worth 105 milion$
140000 tons of Kaolin worth 5 milion$
308000 tons Bentonite worth 29 milion$ Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats Young and Innovative Team
Internatıonal Business Perspective
Rota Mining Plant
Being Turkish
Logistic advantageous Not-Experienced in Sibelco minerals
Current agents in Turkish Market Rich Sources of Industrial Minerals in Turkey
Turkey is a country of production
Having an already running business & organization
Turkish Government Funds Competition with Turkish Producers
Strong global compatitors Industrial Minerals
Mining Operation
Acqusitions & Mergeing
Turkish Market in SWOT Young & Energetic
Experience in Market,Production and Mining
Value Added Products
Only High Quality Sources
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