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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Thesis Essay

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Patricia Hinko

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of How to Write a 5 Paragraph Thesis Essay

How to Write a 5 Paragraph Thesis Essay
Start with an attention grabber
This is a sentence or two to draw the reader in and get the reader interested
Should be a general statement
Avoid questions
Within the next two sentences, introduce the major work title and the author
Give a short summary of the work
No more than 2 - 3 sentences
Only include information important to what you will be discussing in your paper
End your introduction with your thesis statement
Thesis Statement
ONE sentence
Your thesis statement should do 2 things
1 - introduce the POINT you are trying to make
2 - introduce your REASONS as to why your point is correct
should be what you will be proving in your paper
should be definitive
should be short - do NOT go into detail
each reason should be a paragraph in your paper
the order of your paragraphs should correspond to the order of your reasons in your thesis statment
Body Paragraphs
Each paragraph should start with an introduction sentence
Should introduce the reader as to what will be discussed
Should correspond to your reason from your thesis statement
Set the scene for the quote
Give some general background as to what is happening in the story when this quote presents itself
Should not be longer than a sentence
Should not be longer than 4 typed lines
Ensure that you use proper MLA citation
Explain the quote
Give a short explanation as to what was said in the quote (no more than 2 sentences)
Explain why this quote is present
AKA - how does this quote prove your point (the reason you're writing the paper)
Concluding/Transitional sentence
A sentence that transitions or moves the reader to the next thought
Reintroduce the point you were making
This is the first part of your thesis
Re-explain your reasons as to why you know this to be true
These are your reasons from you thesis
During this process, you need to restate the work title and author
Once you have done this, you have restated your thesis
Concluding thought
Should wrap up your paper and make it clear to the reader that your point is true
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