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Southwest Youth & Family Service

No description

Ron De Guzman

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of Southwest Youth & Family Service

Southwest Youth & Family Services
Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Program
- King County Youth Violence Prevention Program
Counseling Center
-Youth and their families
Family Center
-Family Advocates
-Iraqi, Latino, Cambodian, Somali

Education Center
Credit Retrieval Program
GED Program
Summer Young Writers Workshop
Summer "Boot" Program
8 weeks intensive writing program
Participants receive a class credit
$900 stipend

- Students gain pre-employment skills in a workplace environment.
Credit Retrieval
60 Highline
25 Seattle Public Schools
11 Graduated
1:15 student staff ratio
Individual Learning Plans
Teen Parent GED
Two GED classes provided, one specifically for teen parents who need childcare and services. And an open GED class to all students.
On-site childcare provided 9am - 1pm. Hours changes depending on class activities.
25 - 30 GED students served last school year.
GED Instructor
Resources for Teen Parents
Family Center Open House
Wednesday September 2, 2015 12pm - 7pm
Backpack and school supply give away
Free haircuts for students (certified barbers) 3pm - 7pm
Learn more about our Family Center, Education Center, and other resources.

140 students served
TABE tests and GED pre-tests, but no specific skill/grade level requirement.
Highline application/Transcripts/IEP
9am - 2:30pm Monday through Friday
Southwest Youth & Family Service
Delridge Way
Family Center Supports with:
- Advocacy
- Support and Assistance
- Resource and Referrals (assistance utility discount programs, housing, citizenship, translations, cultural programs, basic needs, food…)
- Parent Child-Home Program (PCHP)
- Early literacy, parenting, and school readiness model providing low income families with skills and materials to prepare their children.
Teen Parent Advocate
Parenting Classes
Nutrition Programs
Health Education
First Aid/CPR
Work Readiness
- Positive Discipline
- Focuses on the positive points of behavior with the idea that there are no bad children, just good and bad behaviors.
- 8 Classes
Play and Learn Program
- In home activities to support children's learning.
- Using everyday activities into learning opportunities
- Child development from birth - 5 yrs old
- Gain skills that are expected to have before attending school
- Other programs available to support parents in raising healthy children.
Playroom & On-Site Childcare
Credit Retrieval and GED students have access to childcare.
9am - 1pm, waiting to be extended.
Play and Learn and certified teachers.
4555 SW Delridge Way
Seattle, WA 98016
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