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Adam Katchadourian

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of FAQS

Finally This is a state that issues you a license to practice as a registered nurse by endorsement without examination to an applicant who holds a registration certificate as a registered nurse. FAQS about ENDORSEMENT Just because you get your license from one state does NOT mean you can NOT immediately begin working in another state! All you need to do is learn about reciprocal states! But wait..what's a reciprocal state?

That's a great question!

This is a state that recognizes your license and does not require any additional tests! If your license is valid and you have a clean record in your state just apply and pay a fee to be granted another license in a state of your choice! But remember it is your responsibility to become familiar with the laws and regulations as well as the Nurse Practice Act in the new state you go to. Nurse Practice Acts tend to be slightly different state to state. But have no worries, typically a copy of the NPA will be sent by the state to you together with the application materials when you apply But how do I go about getting information on a new state of my choice? What's the general process? Contact their local State Board of Nursing Each state has different fees and requirements before they can transfer your license Submit your completed application with the fee and and a 90 day work permit will be issued to you! Provide your employer with this permit and a copy of your current license from your original state Upon receipt of your new license in the new state where you applied for reciprocity, you need to provide a copy to your present employer. Non-receipt of license within 90 days would mean that you may not be eligible to work as an RN in the new state Why would a nurse have their license placed on "inactive status"? So why would a temporary license be issued and for how long? Refresher course designed to update nursing knowledge Extensive orientation to the practice of RN which meets all content criteria Academic nursing courses This temporary permit is for six months! If the nurse is no longer practicing How can an RN licensed in Mexico receive a special license to work in Texas? House Bill 4353 allows the Board to issue this special license only if the nurse can score at least a 475 on a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination and a passing score on the NCLEX License renewal conditions and requirements! The RN may renew unless:

Defaulted Texas Guaranteed Student Loan
RN has not met mandatory CE requirements
Criminal Background Check and process has not been completed
Nurses' primary state of residence is a compact state other than Texas
License number/4 last digits of SSN do not match the information on the Boards files License renewal conditions and requirements! Cont'd Eligibility Issues include:
Conviction of a misdemeanor, conviction of a felony, court-ordered probation, sentencing of jail/house arrest, granted pretrial diversion, charges of law violation, and military punishment. What could happen if you fail to renew your license??! Continuing Education The BON requires nurses to complete a minimum of 20 hours prior to renewing their license. Continuing Education programs accepted are those that have been approved by national nursing organizations which provide a list of sources for the RN. The procedure for license renewal can be done online at the BON website or by paper where the BON website provides forms and further instruction. Normal processing time is two weeks.
If your RN license is NOT renewed by the expiration date one would have to cease practice until the license has been renewed and the BON's files have been updated and reflect that the license is in CURRENT STATUS. Just to clarify! Continuing education is a life long process of active participation in learning activities to enhance practice and expertise.

It consists of learning activities intended to build upon the educational and experimental bases of the professional for the enhancement of practice, education, and administration.

And no, CPR does NOT count as continuing education. Wait, wait. Slow down.
Before we proceed we must discuss the difference between a compact license and a license of endorsement... So by now you may know that when you get your license in a compact state, there are a list of certain states that you can work in without any problem as long as it is a state on that list.

Texas, for example, is a compact state.
So is New Mexico.

So if Texas is the state you live in you can work in New Mexico
because it is also a compact state.

But the way that the Compact works is the nurse must be licensed in the state the nurse permanently resides. Now a license of endorsement is when you want to move to a different state, regardless of whether that state is a compact state or not. So if you move from a noncompact state to a compact state you would apply for a license of endorsement but your original license would not be affected and will remain active IF you maintain licensure in that state.

If you moved from a compact state to a noncompact state you would apply for a license of endorsement. Your compact license would then be changed to a single state license valid only in that state. You'll be issued a new multistate license and your old one will be deactivated. Regardless of whatever type of state your moving to you must always contact the Board of Nursing of the state your leaving and let them know of the move. The
End But if you're moving from one compact state to another you can practice on your former residency license for up to 30 days.
You'll then have to apply for a license of endorsement, which you should do 1-2 months in advance of the move because it can take some time to receive your new license.
You'll also have to pay any applicable fees and complete a declaration of primary state of residency in the new home state.
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