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Co-op and Internship Orientation

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Transcript of Co-op and Internship Orientation

Who is your Advisor
What are the Differences between Co-op and Internship
How to Register
Tips and Tricks

About Us
Georgia Tech Center for Career Discovery and Development
219 Uncle Heinie Way
Atlanta, GA. 30332
Fax: 404-894-7308

Regular Staff Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Co-op and Internship Orientation
Who is Your Advisor ?
Differences between Co-op and Internship
What is Co-op?
Co-op Schedule
Co-ops work with the same employer for all work terms.
Continuity allows co-ops to build on what they learned in the previous work term.
Job changes are sometimes possible due to a major change or a work abroad opportunity.
At least 3 work terms are required (two must be in fall & spring)
An academic program that combines classroom study with real-world work experience related to one’s major (
requires a minimum of three alternating semesters
Why Co-op or Intern?
Gain great work experience
Improve your after-graduation job prospects
Earn lots of money ($8,000 to $10,000 per semester)
Confirm choice of major
Explore career options and goals
Apply what you’ve learned in class
Network with other engineers and managers
Understand the professional workplace
Receive the co-op designation on your diploma
In-school applicants must meet the following criteria:
Possess a 2.00 or above GPA
Be in good academic standing
Have at least three school semesters remaining after the first work term.
Be enrolled full-time the semester prior to the first work term (Summer is an exception)
Seniors must obtain a letter from their major school indicating the number of school terms to be completed before graduation.
Example of 3 Term Schedules
Additional Terms
Earn more $
Have regular breaks from school
Get more experience
Build a stronger resume
Complete three co-op terms early and intern or work abroad in the summer prior to your senior year.
Participate in undergraduate research before or after your co-op rotations.
Co-op later, after completing significant course work in your major.
OR - Work four or five semesters and make work experience the central focus of a powerful resume.
Create Your Own Signature Experience!
“Working abroad opened my eyes to the possibility of working for a multi-national company.”
-- Co-op working with Rolls-Royce in the UK
Study abroad during any school term.
Work abroad during a regular co-op term or after completing 2-3 domestic co-op assignments.
Working & Studying Abroad
Co-op Student Handbook
Next steps–flow chart (p. 4)
Prepare a resume (pp. 5-7)
Meet your co-op advisor (handout)
Handbook: Job Search
Attend Info Sessions if available
Handbook: Job Search
p. 18
Report to work regularly and punctually
Be enthusiastic, positive, and productive – no matter what task you are assigned.
Dress appropriately for the work environment
Communicate professionally (e.g., don’t use smiley faces in e-mails, answer phones professionally, etc.)
Break out of your cubicle and meet people from other departments
Don’t text or make personal calls during working hours
Handbook: Tips for a Successful Co-op
Handbook: Adjusting to Work
Special rules apply to foreign nationals working in the U.S.
Handbook: International Students
Handbook: Appendices (pp.28-36)
Use CareerBuzz to search for your co-op job
Other ways to locate a co-op job
Career fairs
Other contacts
New employers are welcome!
Handbook: Job Search
Accepting an offer in any way—verbally, by email or in writing—locks you into that co-op position. You cannot change your mind if another, better offer comes along later. Think before you accept and be sure to talk things over with your advisor.
Accepting or declining an offer (pp. 14-15)
Handbook: Job Search
See your advisor with your offer letter and to complete GT co-op paperwork
Register for co-op course (tuition-free)
Work full-time for required number of weeks
Reporting requirements:
Assignment Record
Work Report
Performance Evaluation
What happens if I choose not to co-op? p. 17
Handbook: Co-op Credit
Work abroad with or without International Plan
You must plan well in advance to work abroad
If interested, use CareerBuzz to make an appointment with Caroline Anderson or Robin Mladinich
Handbook: Working Abroad
Internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, and receive academic credit. An internship may be either paid, unpaid or partially paid (in the form of a stipend)
Paid vs. Voluntary
>98% are paid
Average hourly = ~$18.00
Major -Related
Community Service
# of Weeks
Fall or Spring: 16-18 weeks
Summer: 10-14 weeks

Can work back-to-back semester
Full-Time Spring/Summer or Summer/Fall ONLY
Part Time: 20-34 hours/week
Full Time: 35+ hours/week
It's Free!
Full-time student status while working
Eligible for health insurance, school activities, on-campus housing
On Transcript
Documents to assess goals and obtain feedback
Access to your advisor to consult with about questions or concerns
What are Audit Credits?
Maintains registered student status
NOT academic or elective credit
Placeholder - does not advance you closer to graduation
Does not affect GPA or scholarships (inc. Hope)
Meet with academic advisor to receive academic credit
Credits Hour Breakdown
20-29 hours/week = 6 audit hours
30-34 hours/week = 9 audit hours
35+ hours/week = 12 audit hours
The Process
Obtain offer letter or email. Must include: employer contact info, start and end date, # hrs/wk and salary
Enter placement data on CareerBuzz under the Submit/Edit a DoPP Placement or Access Reports, attach offer letter, and complete/attach checklist
Schedule a meeting with advisor on CareerBuzz
Receive permit for free, audit-credit INTN course
Register on Oscar during normal GT registration periods
ONLY future co-ops and
internships can be registered
Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
The Job Search
-Who do you already know?
-Who do the people you already know know?
Schedule dedicated time weekly
Prioritize list of at least 10-15 jobs
Start early; employers may start recruiting 6-9 months in advance!
Keep contact with your academic department
Stay organized! Keep a calender and tracking spreadsheet of jobs and contacts
Ways to Find an Internship or Co-op
Employer Information Sessions
Often evening before on-campus interviews; held in Student Success Center
Career Fairs
Largest fair is in September
Additional Strategies
Employer/company websites
Internship databases
MonsterTrak, SimplyHired, Indeed
GT Library
Reference USA
Search by zip code, industry, # of employees, etc.
How to Network
GT Alumni Association
$10 annually
C2D2 Group
GTAA Group
Mentor Jackets
Student Organizations
Networking events
Chamber of Commerce
Resume Review
A sample resume/cover letter in folder
Meet with advisor for resume review/cover letter assistance
Karen Houston
Majors: AE, IE
Email: karen.houston@gatech.edu
Rob Rogers
Email: rob.rogers@gatech.edu
Dennis Lindsay
Email: dennis.lindsay@gatech.edu
Wayne Thompson
Majors: CE, ENVE
Email: wayne.thompson@gatech.edu
Sonia Anderson
Majors: College of Sciences, College of
Architecture, CMPE, EE
Email: sonia.anderson@gatech.edu
Lanie Damon
Majors: CS, Undecided
Email: lanie.damon@gatech.edu
Ken Little
Email: ken.little@gatech.edu
Graduate Co-op/Internship
Robbie Ouzts
Email: robbie.ouzts@gatech.edu
Tina Payne
Majors: ME, NRE
Email: tina.payne@gatech.edu
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